The U is back! They're now ranked #1 according to ESPN Analytics' Strength of Record (Alabama's #2, Oklahoma's #3, Clemson's #4 and Georgia's #5). 

Welcome to the Miami Sports Weekly Rundown, I'm David Baumann. 

The Miami Hurricanes, fresh off a 41-8 blowout of Notre Dame, might be the team to beat now in all of college football. Will it be a ring for that chain? 

In true-'Cane fashion, the defense forced four turnovers for the fourth straight game (first NCAA team to do that since Rutgers in 2011). 

Documentary filmmaker Billy Corben (director of ESPN's 30 for 30, "The U") may have summed it up best: 

Or maybe it was boring ole' Jeb Bush who enthusiastically said it better... 

Or former 'Canes great Warren Sapp, who said... 

In any case, they're all correct.

And the 'Canes are making football fun again -- not only for the 65,000 'Canes fans who are finally packing the stands again -- but for football fans across the country. 

And that "Turnover Chain" is simply awesome. 

It is the most original new idea of the 2017 college football season. 

High school teams (and even some other college football teams) everywhere are copying it.

Miami head coach Mark Richt says, "People have their different ways to celebrate a turnover, we just got the best one."  

I love that. 

If you don't like it, you need to look at yourself in the mirror and ask, "Why don't I like this?

Then re-evaluate your life. 

And as much as all of us proclaim "The U is back!" our opinion may not matter until this season is all said and done. 

Miami linebacker Shaq Quarterman is holding back on those assertions, stating, "We've got a ring to get first."

The Hurricanes host the Virginia Cavaliers at noon on Saturday.

Then it's the Pittsburgh Panthers and reigning National Champion Clemson Tigers to complete the regular season. 

Finish up 12-0, and a potential National Title ring might be the perfect accessory for the Turnover Chain. 

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