Each season presents a new collection of trends to be mixed and mingled in our wardrobe. There are several questions with this. Do they fit your style? Do they work in the hot and humid climate of Florida? How do you incorporate them into your wardrobe? Trends for the season are on the runways and are showing up at retailers earlier than normal. Spring fashion trends in Florida are about a lot of color this season but its a good idea to measure in the Sunshine State's humid weather too. 

Tips for Dressing 

1.  Know what trends apply to the heat of Florida.  Quickly asses that trends of bold color like the Rainbow Bright for spring 2018 works well for us while the trend of plastic is just too hot to wear here. 

2.  There are some trends that are forever trends and we see them each season. For the spring, you can never go wrong with stripes and florals. White constantly shows itself for this season in a variety of ways, this year it is in ethereal lightweight fabrics. For fall, animal print in a variety of ways always works. Spend more money on these forever trends and less on the ones that will come and go quickly. 

3.  Each season has a color of the season. This year it is ultra violet. These colors come in a variety of shades so while bold purple may not work for you, the softer shade of lavender could do the trick. 

4.  Runways are a show! Looks on the runway are not meant to be worn in the real world and often do not go into production by the designer. These looks are a concept meant to be adapted and worn by real people in a real way for the real world. 

5.  Trends can sometimes be the whole look or an embellishment on an outfit. If mixing a variety of plaids on a garment is not for you, look for a plaid cuff on a shirt or on the lapel of a jacket. 

Key Trends This Spring 

For Women


Whether a sequined top for out to dinner on the weekend or trim on a blouse, add a bit of shine to your look.

Rainbow Bright

This season is full of color. Add a splash of multi tones to your outfit, color block your dress or a add bold underpinning with a solid jacket.


Add something that is soft and unstructured for the heat of the day, then use it to stay warm at dinner when the temperature of the restaurant is cold. 

Lavender Luxe

The color of the season! Add a bit of purple in multiple shades to your wardrobe, remembering that this is the color of royalty.

Ethereal White 

Soft, light fabrics in white radiate this season and are perfect for the full heat of the summer months.

Work It Out 

The athleisure trend continues. A pair of trousers with a stripe down the side, a henley cut shirt in a silk or silk blend fabric or a zipper on your fitted jacket echo this trend.

Mad for Plaid 

Mix and match various plaids or add a hint of plaid to your look. When mixing and matching, look for common colorations in the fabric, this is especially easy to mix and match with black and white.

Spring Florals

Spring always signals the beginning of flowers, growing up from the ground outside and bursting out of our closets. Add a bold floral or something more subtle to be on trend. 


Lower heeled shoes are making their way back to being on trend, especially with the pump. Update yours with a pointy toe, a pattern or patent. 

Patterned Handbags 

The handbag is bold and strong with pattern all over, or with hints of it on the flap, the handle or the piping. Add a scarf to yours for an instant update. 

Teeny Sunglasses

Ok, this one is tough for me as I continue to be a fan of oversize sunglasses, but add this one to your wardrobe for the right occasion to update your look. 

Glitzy Earpieces

Earrings are back in a big way with lots of shine and stones. 

For Men 


Men's suits are getting looser and coming in various shades, look for jackets that are unstructured and unlined for the more casual Florida environment. Flat front pants reign, but the legs are getting slightly fuller. 

Textured Lux

Fabrics for men in velvet, satin and organza. This may be a little much for most men, but look for trims on shirt cuffs, plackets and lapels. 

Surf’s Up

Perfect for us in the Sunshine State!  Hawaiian style shirts are the rage for the spring season.

High Rise Pants

Just as the leg on the trouser is getting a little fuller, the rise is coming upward. This is not the Ed Grimley look from SNL by Martin Short, but it is moving upward on the body. 

Wide Leg Pants

Not just a fuller leg, but an actual wide leg pant - think of this in a soft fabric with a drawstring waist as a result of the athleisure trend for men. 

Short Shorts

The length of shorts is creeping up the leg. Shorts are no longer coming below the knee and to keep your look modern, don a pair that comes right at or above the knee. 

Dad-style Vibes 

The simplicity of clothing returns. The simple cardigan, button up shirt and polo make it all work this season.

Tailor Ribbons 

Add a ribbon as a bit of trim on your garments this season, much like textured lux, this will be on shirt cuffs, plackets and lapels. For the avant gare male, add a jumpsuit in pants or shorts this season or try on a skirt - undergarments required. 

Here’s to a trendy season filled with items that keep us updated and modern! Spring fashion trends in Florida bring their own set of challenges with our heat and humidity. Follow our fashion stylist Patty Soltis to keep up with all the current trends! 

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash