Lincoln Road Mall has been one of the most popular hangout spots in Miami for a long time. The many outdoor restaurants, cafes, and retail shops are all part of its allure, giving visitors a great variety of things to see and explore as they walk by. Keep reading and find out why locals and tourists alike love shopping at Lincoln Road in Miami Beach.

Lincoln Road Mall's early days date back to the 1950s when Morris Lapidus redesigned it into a great example of modern architecture. Originally, the outdoor strip had a few gardens, shelters, fountains, and even a theater, but it didn’t gain much popularity until the late 90s. The shopping mall kept growing over the years and,  today, it’s home to some of the best restaurants in Miami and many shops from the world’s most famous retailers.

There are great parking options near Lincoln Road Mall that are actually pretty cheap like the Miami Beach Parking Garage at 640 17th St. and the Pennsylvania Avenue Garage at 1661 Pennsylvania Ave. Both parking garages are just $1 an hour! As you arrive at Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, you’ll notice the many outdoor cafes by the sidewalks as well as popular bars like the prosperous Meat Market Miami. The shopping strip is also home to plenty of incredible restaurants like Huahua's Taqueria, Ladurée , Juvia, and CVI. CHE 105. If you’re craving something sweet, I recommend stopping by the mall's famous Sugar Factory.

If you love shopping, Lincoln Road Mall has you covered. Among the countless stores at this mall, you’ll find H&M, Alchemist, Forever 21, Madewell, and even big bargain retailers like Ross and Marshalls. If you’ve been wanting to buy a new book to read in your spare time, don’t forget to check out the Taschen bookstore. Art aficionados may also appreciate the numerous galleries at Lincoln Road Mall hosting artists like Peter Lik and Romero Britto.

There are countless reasons why visiting Lincoln Road in Miami Beach is always a great plan. Let us know what you think of the Lincoln Road Mall by leaving a comment below, and if you’d like to find more things to do in Miami, register on 305area to connect to everything in Miami.


Cover photo courtesy of Flickr