From cigar shops to Little Havanna, Cuban culture has a significant presence in Miami. Lucky for the locals, this also means a Cuban inspired culinary scene. Flan, a creamy dessert made of egg, Arroz con Leche, Rice Pudding with coconut, and Pastelitos, a filled puff pastry, staple desserts in Cuba. If you’re looking to taste one of these delicious treats, and wondering, "Where are the best Cuban bakeries in Miami?",  here’s a list of bakeries in Miami where you don't need a passport to get that unforgettable, mind-blowing sweet taste of Cuba. 

Breadman Miami- Carb lovers unite! Breadman Miami offers burgers, sandwiches, pastelitos, and specialty pastries in a hip environment Their pastelitos are to die and possibly kill for with its unique flavors such as pizza or guava cheese. While traditional desserts are offered, some other menu options have a twist on them as well.  For a taste of what’s new, swing by one of the two locations- 5804 W 20 AVE or 8100 SW 8 Street. 

El Brazo Fuerte Bakery Known as “Miami and Pembroke Pine’s finest Cuban and French pastry shop”, El Brazo Fuerte Bakery has friendly service and affordable prices. If you're looking for variety, pastelitos are available in guava, cream cheese, guava and cream cheese, beef, ham, tuna or coconut flavor. Pair one of these pastelitos with café con leche for a treat of a lifetime.


Pastellitos at El Brazo

Karla Bakery- Known for creating Miami’s finest pastries, Karla Bakery has been baking Miami’s tastiest desserts for over 20 years. The Gonzalez family, who owns and operates the bakery, has developed their recipes in Cuba when three brothers, Benny, Alfredo, and Isreal, joined forces. In 1984, Benny was asked to make a cake for Ronald Regan’s birthday. If that isn’t enough to add to Karla’s cool factor, Karla Bakery is open 24/7.

La Sin Rival Bakery- A local favorite close to Florida International University, La Sin Rival Bakery has cheap prices and good eats. In addition to the pastelitos which are topped with sugar and glaze, the homemade croquettes are a must-try.  These filled bread rolls may be the reason behind the bakery’s name, which means  “The ones with no rivals”.

La Sin Rival Bakery 

Lucerne BakeryYes Miami has a lot of bakeries that make pastelitos, but the pastelitos at Lucerne Bakery are known to be the freshest. No matter what time the day you can taste a pastelito that’s delicious. This simple bakery also sells doughy bread and croquettes that speaks for itself. No fancy atmosphere needed.

La Suiza Bakery- Open since 1982, La Suiza Bakery has over 3 decades of experience in baking. A wide array of pastries paired with top-notch customer service makes this bakery a spot to visit.  Not to mention they are the “specialist in Cuban delicacies”. 

La Suiza Bakery 'Marquesita de coco!'

Porto Fino Bakery- This hidden gem is one of Miami’s most underrated bakeries. A must-try menu item is the cheese pastelito, which is stuffed with cream cheese and topped with sugar.  If you’re looking for big flavor with low prices, you’ve hit the jackpot here. Also a great place for lunch!

Ricky Bakery- Miami’s famous Ricky Bakery is known for quality and freshness. The pastelitos de queso is the bakery’s most popular item, but other options such as the ham croquette, flan de queso or guava pastry don't fall short behind. With 4 locations throughout the city, you can surely cure your sweet tooth. Catering options are also available.

Ricky Bakery

Versailles BakeryRaged for its affordable prices and authentic Cuban atmosphere, Versailles Bakery is the spot to get Cuban desserts. It may be overwhelming at first as they have a large variety but your taste buds will surely calm your nerves. This may be a pastry lover’s dream as they’re abundant here. Get here early as there may be a line, but no matter what time you come it's well worth the wait.

Versailles Restaurant Adjacent to Versailles Bakery is Versailles Restaurant, known as the World’s Most Famous Cuban Restaurant. Since 1971 this renowned spot has been a tourist destination and popular with the locals. Perhaps that’s because not only can you get delicious Cuban food, but desserts too. For under $5, you can get either a coconut, cheese, double egg yolk, Cuban style, or caramel flan.

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