If you're in Downtown Miami and looking for a place to find fresh, high-quality sushi within your budget, then you've come to the right place. Whether you're grabbing an quick, cheap dinner solo to go or trying to impress that special someone without caring about cost, we have you covered with our list of the best sushi in Downtown Miami from least expensive to most extravagant.

Okinawa Sushi Express

If you’re looking for high-quality sushi for a low price, visit Okinawa Sushi Express where the sushi is the biggest bang for your buck. Each plate, sushi roll, and appetizer is under $10, and you get eight to ten pieces in each sushi rohttps://www.305area.com/miami/downtown-miami/restaurants/sushi/ll. Not sure what to choose? Their most popular menu item the Miami Heat Roll, which has salmon, kanikama, avocado, and spicy hot sauce. Filling and fresh, sushi at Okinawa Sushi Express is great for a quick lunch or a cheap Friday night date.

Sushi Rão Miami

Six blocks from Okinawa Sushi Express, there’s another affordable, blue-ribbon sushi spot called Sushi Rao Miami. The Chipotle of Sushi spots, it has clean, modern decor and a fast, casual dining style, making it popular among the young crowd in Downtown Miami. Sushi Rao has an extensive menu with more than 30 rolls to choose from ranging from $5 to $20, serving four to 10 pieces in each roll. They're also known for their chef’s combo plates, consisting of two portions of rolls, 12 sushi, 16 sashimis, and 2 temakis. If you're really hungry, 50 pieces of sushi are only $72!


If you’re looking to find a new, reliable sushi spot with a modern twist of flavors, Sake Room and Sushi Lounge is just the right spot. Their sushi rolls are average-priced at $11 to $30 each and include 12 pieces of high-quality, never frozen pieces of sushi. Known for their creative rolls, the innovative chefs at Sake Room have a Meat-Lover Roll and a calamari tempura roll, both which are popular among people who are new to the sushi world. The Meat-Lover roll has beef instead of raw fish, so if you’re unsure about eating traditional sushi, the Sake Room and Lounge has options for you as well. 

Kaori Sushi Express

Another reasonably-priced, unique spot in Downtown Miami is Kaori Sushi Express, a more traditional restaurant widely known for their sushi boats or wooden boats filled with at least 35 pieces of vibrant, colorful sushi. Each roll only has four to six pieces in it, so you may end up spending a good chunk of change, but a "boat load" of sushi is only $28 and could easily serve two people.


In the artsy neighborhood of Wynwood, Myumi is equally as unique as it's a food truck sitting between a garden and a sea of other food trucks, and it stands out because of its exclusive seating and ever-changing sushi menu. They only serve four guests per night from a menu of fresh, local sushi of the chef’s choosing. A spot for seasoned sushi-lovers, Myumi serves only high-end fish and caviar that warrants its hefty prices of $30-60 per dinner depending on what the chef delivers to your plate that evening.  

Pubbelly Miami Beach

Pubbelly Sushi is a well-known, high-end restaurants in Downtown Miami that has impeccable sushi every day. Known for the Butter Crab Roll and Big Eye Tuna appetizer on crispy rice, it literally leaves diners with a good taste in their mouths after each visit. Pubbelly is a perfect date spot with sushi worthy of the price in a modern, artistic atmosphere that brings its guests murals of coy fish and ocean waves. They even have options for people who don’t like sushi including elotes, mexican street corn, edamame beans, and well-presented desserts that impress. After dinner, enjoy walking around the city center and checking out what’s going on in bustling Downtown Miami.

Zuma Miami

One top-notch celebrity hotspot in Downtown Miami for a fantastic plate of sushi is Zuma. They’re open for lunch from 12:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. and serve up a refreshing array of small sushi plates. For dinner, which runs from 6:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., try their most raved about dishes like the Mushroom HotPot, the Wagyu roll ($22 for two pieces), the Seabass sashimi, and the pirikara hamachi maki. The chef reccomends eating each slice of The Seabass sashimi with the gold caviar that is served on the side. Get out your ball gown and tuxedo for a night of fine dining in Downtown Miami at Zuma, and make sure to save up your money before this meal as the prices don’t appear on the menu for a reason: they’ll break your bank, but the sushi will definitely be worth it!

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NAOE is another spot that socialites and celebs flood to for an evening of high-end sushi. They're only open for dinner from 6:00 p.m. and to midnight, and they give small portions of catch of the day specials.  Naoe is a traditional-style sushi restaurant with a personal sushi chef at each table serving up rolls of their own creation; Chef Kevin Cory serves $200 meals each night of seemingly endless rolls of fresh fish. Naoe is perfect for a romantic date night, especially for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day or an anniversary.

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Whatever your budget, you can dine within your means at one of the best sushi restaurants in Downtown Miami.

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