School is out, which means summer is in session. That doesn’t mean your kids have to stay home all day, however. Check out these exciting things to do in Miami that can make your kids' summer far more enjoyable.

Miami Children's Museum

If your kids have huge imaginations and lots of energy to burn, take them to the Miami Children's Museum. This facility originally opened on Watson Island in 1983 but has been since remodeled and reopened in 2003. One of the best parts about visiting this museum is the level of interaction with each exhibit. With games and puzzles at every turn, your kids can scoot around the facility learning math and making music. The museum even has play areas that resemeble a realistic boat bow and construction site. Every activity is safe and designed with kids in mind, making the Miami Children's Museum a must for young kids.

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Fun Dimension

If your kids are interested in indoor play, Fun Dimension is your one-stop destination. Located in an abandoned warehouse, Fun Dimension is a massive family entertainment center featuring a club-like theme with black lights and glow-in-the-dark animations sketched on the walls. As far as activates go, your kids can play around their spin zone, laser tag arena, indoor playground, bungy dome, arcade, or 7D theater. While adults are waiting for their children to tire out, they can take a break at Dimension’s convenient restaurant or party rooms, which offer a menu that’s as extensive as their amenities. Fun Dimension is truly a high-end option for kids (and parents) who bore easily.

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Venetian Pool

Located near Coral Gables in Miami, the Venetian Pool is a gem. It’s a tropical-themed swimming pool that was built in the 1920s, and its rocky terrain and exotic foliage are a sight along with the natural spring waters. This spot is known for bringing in movie stars and entertainment from around the world, but it can be just as suitable for families, too. Especially because all 820,000 gallons of water are drained and refilled daily, so there’s no need to worry about germs and unknown chemicals in the water. Plus, the Venetian Pool right next to a cafe in case your kids want an ice cream cone or hot dog. This pool is a perfect balance of luxury and laid-back, making it a destination that everyone in the family will appreciate.

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Zoo Miami

Are your kids animal buffs? Look no further than Zoo Miami! This large location has over 58 distinct types of animal exhibits and interactions to explore. The zoo also features shows, animal feedings, and attractions like their Lostman’s River Ride. Visitors can host parties and picnics in one of their open rooms and even request catering from their event staff. You can enjoy this zoo to your heart's content and even book a special tour for your family to enjoy.

Miami Seaquarium

Speaking of animals, your kids might also enjoy hanging out with some dolphins, too. The Miami Seaquarium is one of the best aquariums and marine mammal stops in South Florida. Guests can come interact with dolphins, sea lions, crustaceans, and so much more. Your kids will encounter several species of penguin and learn about the endangered sea turtle population. Guests will also have the opportunity to witness a stunt show starring Lolita the Killer Whale and her dolphin friend. Just like Zoo Miami, guests at the Miami Seaquarium can take their time or book a tour to get a real VIP experience.

Jungle Island

Jungle Island is a zoological and recreational park that features an abundance of activities for visitors to enjoy. Some of their more popular entertainment includes their Super Flight free-flight experience and jungle animal exhibits, but they’re expected to feature Miami’s first ziplining experience very soon! Open until Labor Day weekend, the staff at Jungle Island will also be featuring their Neosplash Water Park, which offers water slides as tall as 65 feet and a ton of water-infused interactions. With so much entertainment, there’s tons of time for monkey business here!

Miami Children’s Theater

Maybe your kids like the theater more than anything. If that’s the case, take them to the Miami Children’s theater near Coral Gables and Miami Beach. Each show is consistently choreographed, acted, and produced by children, which makes the experience even more unique. Take your kids to see classics like Mulan and Aladdin or something funnier like Once Upon a Mattress. It’s truly a fun way to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

There’s something for every kid of every age to do in Miami. We hope that these family-friendly activities will help your kids get out and make the most of their summer!

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