Most Miami activities that come to mind involve sand beneath your feet and fun in the sun, so overcast and rainy days tend to, well, rain on your parade when you're trying to enjoy Miami. Luckily, Miami is a city with a plethora of fun things to do, and some are actually inside four walls! Forget eating snacks and watching Netflix when the showers roll through as there are plenty of things to do on a rainy day in Miami.

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

If you enjoy light shows, aquariums, 3D planetariums, and other neat exhibits, you'd enjoy visiting the Frost Museum of Science in any weather. It's one of Miami's most expansive museums, so you could literally spend all day here if you wanted. 

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CMX Cinemas

Though we mentioned not having to stay in with snacks at Netflix at home, we didn't say anything about grabbing snacks and watching a movie at a theater. CMX Cinemas is no ordinary theater and fancies itself a luxury cinema experience, going all out with a full bar and food menu. 

Bowling tends to get a bad rep as something somewhat uncool to do (it's probably just the shoes, honestly), but anyone who says bowling isn't cool hasn't bowled Basement's lanes. As one of Miami's coolest bars, there's a good reason to go to Basement any day, especially on a rainy day. You can use the rain as your excuse to go bowling and the bar and club as the reason to stay!

HistoryMiami Museum

If you're a Miami native or at least a local, you should know about the history that makes Miami your home. Get to know all of the historical facts about the city of Miami during a rainy day at HistoryMiami Museum. 

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We don't get much in the way of seasons in South Florida, and winter, naturally, is the season we're least acquainted with. But a rainy day warrants an opportunity to give yourself a taste of winter with some ice skating at the Kendall Ice Arena. 

Perez Art Museum

Contemporary Art is waiting for you at the Perez Art Museum in Bayside. On a rainy day, it's a great place to take the whole family to show them that art can be more than just hundred-year-old paintings and sculptures. Your friends and family will enjoy modern art as you power through the storm together! 

Wynwood Brewing concocts some of South Florida's favorite brews, and if you're curious how the magic happens, you could tour the facility. Wynwood Brewing offers tours on Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. 

University of Miami Lowe Art Museum 

Rainy afternoons call for adventuring through the storm. If appreciating art is something that you enjoy check out the future of Miami's art scene as the students from UMiami display their artwork for visitors to enjoy. 

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Sweat Records

Little Haiti's favorite record shop serves a dual purpose as one of the best things to do in Miami on a rainy day. First, you can swing by and pick out some new indie tunes; they've always got new stuff in stock, so it could take you a while. And if it's still raining, you can bring those records home and listen to them!

Before streaming services placed hundreds of hours of entertainment at your fingertips, reading was the preferred rainy day activity. If you'd like to get back to this classic rainy day pastime, and maybe even read a classic, Books & Books is the place to go. They boast a wide selection of books, and their extra-comfy couches are the perfect place to cozy up and read. 

Coral Gables Art Cinema

Indie movies and classic films can be enjoyed during a rainy afternoon in Coral Gables. Stop by the Coral Gables Art Cinema to see some unique films in a modern theater that serves beer & wine at their cafe for you to enjoy during the film. 

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Sky Zone

If there's one thing we all loved doing as kids, it was jumping on trampolines. Heck, we still love it as adults, which is why Sky Zone exists. But the best part about Sky Zone isn't that you get to jump on trampolines: it's that they've innovated jumping on trampolines. There's dodgeball, basketball, and even a fitness class!

Cobb Cinebistro at Dolphin Mall

If you love the movies because it's a sacred space for diving into a buttery bucket of popcorn, I totally understand. I think with my stomach too. Cinebistro at Dolphin Mall serves a full menu of delicious menu items including fried chicken sandwiches, a 12oz New York Strip steak and lobster roll sliders for you to enjoy during the movie. Check out showtimes at CineBistro to plan a date-night with your s/o tonight! 

MIA Beer Company

Doral's own MIA Beer Company popped up less than five years ago, but it's quickly made its name as one of South Florida's best. Their food is pretty good, too, so swing by and have a drink with some of your favorite people on a rainy day.

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Finding things to do in Miami is rarely difficult when the weather is cooperating, but finding things to do on a rainy day in Miami complicates matters a bit. Fortunately, there are still plenty fun things to do when the Miami sun isn't above your head!

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