Few cities offer the wealth of evening entertainment options that Miami does, so if you're looking for things to do at night in Miami, you're in luck! Miami is more than beaches, shopping, and nightclubs (though there are plenty of those), and we're here to give you a run down of the many choices.

AA Arena

The American Airlines Arena is one Miami's favorite entertainment centers. The arena opened its doors in 2000, and since then it has been a hub of activity in bustling Downtown Miami. As the home of the Miami Heat, the AAA is packed most nights from late fall through spring and even summer if they make it deep enough into the NBA playoffs. The arena is also the site of numerous concerts and events that come to Miami.

Pérez Art Museum Miami

If you like adding a little culture into your routine, the Perez Art Museum Miami may be the place to spend an evening. Designed by award-winning architects, the museum is one of Miami's true crown jewels. In addition to its art and variety of exhibits, they also play host to a variety of weekly and monthly events. 

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If theater, ballet, symphonies, and the performing arts in general are your cup of tea, then this is the place for you, but be sure to put on your Sunday best as nights here aren't quite laid-back affairs. 

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There are few places like the Frost Museum of Science that excite both your mind and imagination. As one of Miami's largest museums, it's a real challenge to see everything in one visit, so you could split this into a few outings if you're looking for things to do at night in Miami. 

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Basement is one of Miami's best party spots, consistently welcoming large throngs of locals and tourists alike for dancing and libations, but that's not the only reason you should swing by Basement. It also boasts an ice skating rink and bowling alley!

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Come for the tacos and stay for the turn up, or vice versa. Either way, you can't go wrong with swinging by Bodega. On the surface, Bodega appears to be another hole-in-the-wall, but that food truck serves up some of Miami's best tacos, and just behind a nearby door disguised as a bathroom lies one of the best bars and lounges in South Beach

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Art Walk happens just once a month, so you'll have to make sure to mark the second of Saturday of the month on your calendar when planning your exploits. Wynwood is at the heart of Miami's bustling art district, and Art Walk is the ultimate celebration of the area's culture with exhibits, markets, bars, and more. 

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E11even is Miami's only 24-hour bar, so you could really come here at any time of day, but we recommend visiting at night or, better yet, after hours when things really get popping. E11even is a bar, lounge, club, and cabaret show all in one, so stop by, have a drink, and take in the atmosphere.

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Looking for things to do at night in Miami isn't hard and really just depends on what you want to do. From museums to clubs, Miami has you covered!

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