Famed businessman Charles Deering was known for many things besides his entrepreneurial skills. He was also recognized for his extensive art collection, his work on environmentalism, and being an avid philanthropist. After his death in 1927 at his 444-acre estate, his home became a well-known tourist location and has since been preserved to remain like it did back in the 1920s. In 2018, people still look forward to visiting the prominent Deering Estate in Miami.

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Located in Cutler, Miami, the Deering Estate has become an important part of conservational efforts in South Florida thanks to the full-time habitat preservation on the property. The large expanse of land is home to different ecosystems like endangered pine rocklands, mangrove forests, coastal dunes, and salt marshes. Many scientists and students continue visiting the Deering Estate to learn more about plants in these natural sanctuaries.

As Charles Deering would’ve loved, his estate has also become a prosperous cultural arts center. He constantly supported artists in his day and was an amateur artist himself. Now, you can take a trip to the Artist Village and appreciate its cultural programs showcasing magnificent collections from literary, visual, and performing artists.   

Thanks to the beautiful scenery the Deering Estate in Miami, it’s a favorite place for photographers and nature lovers. The residence also hosts many events like the upcoming Junior League of Miami’s 2018 Showhouse from April 14 to April 19. Due to the many historic houses in the area, the estate has become a popular venue for special events such as parties, corporate events, and weddings.

It’s incredible that places like the Deering Estate still exist in South Florida. The natural diversity as well as the historic buildings and upcoming events make the Deering Estate in Miami a place worth visiting time and time again.

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Cover photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons