The historic Maximo Gomez Park in Little Havana has been a gathering spot for Cubans and locals since becoming a city park in 1976. The iconic landmark is also known as Domino Park thanks to the many retirees and senior citizens that like to meet up there to play dominoes. Good players are also known to draw in spectators who usually sit on the park’s benches that surround the perimeter. If you’re in Little Havana, be sure to stop by the park for a delightful evening. You can even try to step up your dominoes game by challenging some of the local veterans.

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Maximo Gomez Park is located in Downtown Miami at SW 8th St, 15th Avenue, just around the corner of the Paseo de las Estrellas on Calle Ocho. Paseo de las Estrellas is the Latin American equivalent of LA’s Walk of Fame, owing tribute to musicians, actors, and artists from Latin America who have made a global impact in their respective fields. Once you notice distinct domino tiles on the sidewalk, it means you've arrived at Maximo Gomez, who was a military leader in Cuba's War of Independence.

Checkers and chess tables are also set up around Maximo Gomez park, but it’s amazing to see how the Dominoes tradition has been carried over for more than 35 years. Many visitors go there on a daily basis just to play the game for a couple of hours. Domino Park in Little Havana is open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Visiting Maximo Gomez Park in Little Havana is a great way to know more about this friendly community in Downtown Miami. If you decide to stop by the park, let us know about your experience by commenting below!

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Cover photo courtesy of Flickr