Easter, the time for renewal, hope, and enthusiastic celebration is almost here!

To mark this day, some people participate in colorful parades; others attend solemn masses, and the rest find their way to popular Easter brunch spots in Miami. It’s safe to say that this holiday has something for everyone. 

Today, we’ve prepared this guide highlighting five beautiful Easter traditions and ways to experience them in Miami. Let’s dive in!

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Beautiful Easter Traditions and Their Meanings

The Good Friday Procession

For those who want to celebrate Easter solemnly, participate in the Good Friday Procession in Miami. This religious tradition takes place on the streets of Little Havana and starts at the Shrine of Our Lady of Charity, ending at St John Neumann Catholic Church – in Miami, FL. It is held by Catholics to remember the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Easter Egg Hunts

Hunting eggs during Easter is a popular activity in Miami. Families and friends gather to look for colorful eggs hidden in parks and other public spaces. This is a fun and meaningful way to celebrate growth, renewal, and togetherness with the people you love.

Some places you can go egg hunting include Sunset Place and Florida Technical College on the 1st of April.

Duck Hunting

Duck hunting is also a popular tradition in Miami. Your kids will likely have the most fun, so bring them to the Charity Rubber Ducky Hunt Event at The Marker Key West Harbor Resort on 8th April. There will be more than 500 colorful rubber duckies in the pool, ready for hunting.

Easter Feast

During the Easter feast, families and friends come together and share a special meal as they give thanks. This feast typically contains traditional Easter dishes such as ham, fish, roasted lamb, and colorful spring vegetables. It is completed with traditional desserts like strawberry rhubarb pie and carrot cake. This feast symbolizes gratitude and abundance.

You can participate in one of these feats by attending Deep House Bruch: Miami Music Week on Sunday, March 26th, or go for the Fancy-Pants Trivia Brunch at The Marker Key West Resort on April 1st.

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