The beaches in Miami are world-famous and studded with beautifully, perfectly-sculpted bodies. As anyone who has spent any amount of time in the gym can attest, those bodies don't happen by accident. It takes hard work; "No pain, no gain," as they say. But where do you go to get your gains? You could always join one of the popular chains like LA Fitness or 24-Hour Fitness, but if you want to get the most out of your workout, you'll want to join one of the best gyms in Miami. 

Equinox Aventura

Aventura Mall is an oasis of experiences, shopping, and discovery. You could honestly live here without a problem if you don't mind crowds. Equinox is one of the reasons you could spend all your time at the mall without care. A world-class tucked in a world-class mall, Equinox has everything you need: free weights, treadmills and cycling, Pilates, martial arts classes, a spa, and a juice bar. 

Legacy Fit

If boot camps and group training are your preferred method of getting in shape, Legacy Fit is the spot for you. Legacy Fit offers its members comprehensive guides to reaching their fitness goals, and the intensity of your goals is up to you. For those of you hoping to get into amazing shape, there are even NFL off-season training sessions, making Legacy Fit one of the best gyms in Miami.

CrossFit Wynwood

There seems to be a CrossFit on every corner in Miami like Starbucks in bustling metropolitan cities, and while every CrossFit gym offers its own brand of circuit training, the Wynwood location steps it up a level. This first-class gym is stocked with all the kettlebells, rowing machines, and free weights you'll need to get ripped as you've always wanted.

Metropolis Fitness & Spa

Rather than being a one-size-fits-all fitness location, Metropolis caters to its plans and rates to your needs. Depending on your goals, Metropolis Fitness offers a variety of programs that vary from cardio to strength training. It also offers personal training as well as classes for children to keep them busy while you work up a sweat.

Flywheel Sports

Right after Crossfit, spinning classes have to be the second-most popular fitness craze. Like CrossFit, each course lasts a set amount of time (usually 45 minutes to one hour), but there's a bit of a competitive atmosphere here as well. In addition to the rhythm riding and sprints, Flywheel integrates short races into its sessions. 

Barry's Bootcamp Miami Midtown

To a mere passerby, Barry's Bootcamp likely resembles LIV Miami or STORY Miami more than a top-notch gym. It's dimly-lit, and you can hear the steady thump of beats from outside. The ambiance is all part of the experience when you're a member of Barry's Bootcamp. Each session begins with a high-intensity-interval-training routine and continues with a one-hour full-body workout.


Like we said above, spinning is all the rage these days, and few people let you experience the cycling craze like Soul Cycle. And it's more than just cycling: Soul Cycle offers an intense full-body workout that works your core and includes free weights. You'll definitely be feeling this one after you're done!


Wynwood is known more for its assortment of bars and restaurants than fitness, but Pilathon is doing its best to change that and offer an alternative to packing on pounds at your favorite watering hole. Instead, you can burn some off at Pilathon Wynwood, which offers a range of programs that guide you through burning calories and increasing your energy level.

When you look good, you feel good, and there's no better way to ensure you look and feel good than joining one of the best gyms in Miami. If you want to stay up to date on more recreation in a Miami, register on 305area and connect to everything in the Magic City for free.

Cover photo courtesy of Geert Pieters on Unsplash