MoveHub, an international relocation company, created an alternative Hipster Index to conduct a worldwide study. The motive? To determine the top hipster cities in the world.

The Hipster Index measures five components: the number of vegan restaurants, coffee shops, tattoo parlors, vintage boutiques, and record stores in each city per 100,000 residents. The results of these calculations produce a score with 1 being the least hipster and 10 being the most.

So what were the results for Miami? With a 6.83 Hipster Index score, The Magic City earned the title of 7th-most Hipster City in the world!

What does this mean? Miami has a lot of shopping. With a whopping 215 vintage stores, Miami contributed to the large Florida representation in the top ten hipster cities along with Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa, which scored 11th.

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What makes Miami so trendy? Each neighborhood provides a unique and eclectic vibe different from the next. The Miami Design District has both brand-name fashion shops and renovated warehouse showrooms along with sophisticated restaurants. Wynwood, Miami’s coined Arts District has incredible bars and restaurants to add to its many galleries and street art displays. Little Havana is the heart of Miami’s Cuban culture, and Coconut Grove is a paradise-like, relaxed part of the city. These are just some of the neighborhoods that contribute to Miami’s great hipster culture.

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Throughout the different areas of Miami, there are countless coffee shops and health cafés to fill up on as well as artistic adventures. Miami is definitely full of hipster hangouts, rightfully earning its place as the 7th-most hipster city in the world.

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash