Blush Waxing Boutique, located in the heart of South Beach on Collins Avenue, is an elite, intimate salon catering to your personal grooming needs. Serving both women and men, the staff at Blush is caring and discrete, and this boutique waxing salon offers a wide variety of professional aesthetic services perfect for a personal grooming experience!  

Never been waxed? It's quite the eye-opening experience, shall we say, but waxing is popular for a reason - this semi-permanent form of unwanted hair removal leaves your skin baby smooth for up to six weeks, depending on hair type. Typically, a thin layer of warm wax is spread over the selected area, and a cloth or paper strip is pressed firmly into the warm wax and then quickly removed, taking along those unsightly hairs and leaving a soft, smooth appearance. Does it hurt? Sure, but only for a second - consider it a character-building exercise.

The Brazilian style of waxing is the most popular hair removal method in the U.S. these days. Perfect for those who want to go bare (or nearly bare) down there, the Brazilian method is somewhat daring - but great for cutting down the time spent on personal grooming. Unfortunately, you've got to let it grow out first for a little while - the ideal hair height for waxing pubic hair is about a quarter of an inch. Those in the know recommend a fortifying glass of wine about an hour before your Brazilian waxing appointment (but just ONE) and two ibuprofen a few hours ahead of time. Ask your waxing professional if a hard wax treatment will work for you - this variety of waxing is also sometimes called "stripless," because the wax is allowed to harden instead of being pulled off with strips of cloth or paper. Some veteran waxing clients testify that the hard wax method is less painful for beginners. Be prepared to get into some awkward poses - but trust your Blush Waxing Boutique professional to take care of you quickly and efficiently. 

Blush Waxing Boutique also features a variety of waxing services for men and women, including facial, arm, leg, and back waxing, as well as eyebrow and eyelash tinting. Make an appointment at Blush today, and be the smoothest, very best YOU that you can be! 

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