It doesn't get much better than some quality salon time for many women. Who doesn't love the special treatment?! Here in the 305area we have a plethora of salons and day spas but few in the beautiful South Bal Harbor and Surfside neighborhood. Sola Salon Studios Miami offers an experience quite unlike any other. The now “it salon” was once what many locals and tourist alike remember to be the renowned Normandy Theater on Collins Ave and 74th Street.  

This is one of the few salons that caters to both the stylist and its clientele. You won’t walk into the hustle and bustle that is a typical salon because Sola Salon Studios Miami offers private salon studios for each individual stylist. Sola Salon is a building that is composed of separate studios that are rented by individual stylists. This concept allows for every stylist to present their own experience to their clients. What is achieved with this is ultimate privacy, catering, and individuality. The water in Sola was very carefully thought out. With every studio containing is own hot water line there is never a shortage of that goosebumps-inducing hot water when its time for a wash. However, if you think that the intelligence behind Sola Salon stopped there you are mistaken! With each studio, you'll also find its own individual ventilation so it's ideal for even the most sensitive of noses. The fresh air that is supplied throughout is a very refreshing change to a very common salon problem. No more need to fear that strong chemical smell here.

Remember when I said that this is a salon that was built to cater to its clientele plus the stylist? Well, here is why. With Sola Salon Studios Miami, each stylist can finally gain all of the independence that they have always wanted. Let's face it, what we all fear the most when thinking of stepping out on our own with our clientele is the implications that come along with owning your own business. At Sola all of that is taken care of for you, the only thing you are responsible for is renting your studio and decorating to provide the experience that you truly want your clients to feel. You are able to keep 100% of your profits. There is no more killing yourself and providing the best customer service possible to then split your bill 50/50 with the salon owner. There is not even a need to worry about who is going to get the next walk in when you become your own boss at Sola, everyone that walks through your door is your walk-in.

Try Sola Salon for your next haircut and enjoy the upgraded amenities in a beautiful setting in the renowned Normandy Theater building! It's a new hair experience with an emphasis on the comfort of each individual client. 

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Cover photo from Sola Salon's Facebook page