If you’re strolling along Little Havana west of Downtown Miami, you’ll probably stumble upon Calle Ocho’s Walk of Fame, or as locals like to call it, El Paseo de las Estrellas. This distinguished sidewalk is surrounded by great Cuban bars and restaurants as well as other notable places like the neighborhood’s esteemed Maximo Gomez Park.

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Little Havana’s daily activities revolve around the famous Calle Ocho’s Latin Walk of Fame. As you walk by, you may recognize the smell of Cuban coffee coming out of the nearby cafes or even authentic, hand-made Cuban cigars being rolled by local artisans. Latin Americans from different countries have found a home in Little Havana, a place where they can still enjoy Latin music, food, and everything else that make their cultures so unique.

The Latin Walk of Fame starts outside Maximo Gomez Park and runs between 12th and 17th Avenue on Calle Ocho, owing tribute to musicians, actors, and artists who have made an incredible contribution to the Latin world. The first artist ever to be honored with a star on the famous sidewalk was Celia Cruz in 1987. Since then, artists like Gloria Estefan, Thalia, Pablo Raúl Alarcón, and Agustín Lara have been honored on the Latin Walk of Fame. Today, the sidewalk features more than 20 names.

Apart from Calle Ocho’s Walk of Fame in Little Havana, the neighborhood is also one of the best places to eat in Miami, especially Cuban food. The bars and restaurants around the area are usually upbeat and nightclubs like the famous Ball & Chain ​even offer salsa dancing lessons.

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Grab a cafecito, enjoy some salsa, and walk along Little Havana’s Latin Walk of Fame for a taste of Latin America’s diverse culture. Let us know what you think of Calle Ocho in the comments below!

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Cover photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons