If you’re looking to have fun in Miami, I hope you’ve been saving! Miami is a city that is known for both its party atmosphere and relaxing beach lifestyle. From artsy up-and-coming neighborhood Wynwood to Club E11even that is open 24/7, 365 days a year, where the party never stops, Miami is both action-packed and expensive.

Wynwood Walls

If you come to Miami with a friend, an awesome and relatively affordable thing to do is walking around is seeing the many murals at Wynwood Walls. Some have animals on them while others have portraits. Some have cartoon drawings and others are extremely lifelike. A few murals are strictly patterns covering storefronts, strewn with neon paint. It's an easy daytime adventure for any spring breaker coming to Miami if they’re looking to capture the perfect Instagram shot to share with their followers!

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Panther Coffee

Stop for breakfast at Panther Coffee, a chic cafè right in the heart of Wynwood. They’re known for their freshly-brewed coffee. There is a new, handwritten chalkboard menu at the register each morning with a line that was nearly out the door. The coffee itself is strong, and prices are comparable to Starbucks.  

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Miami Mojito Company

Swing by the Miami Mojito Company for a cold and refreshing mojito during one of Miami's humid days. The garden in their outdoor seating area provides a serene environment for some relaxation in the shade.

Sugar Factory

For lunch, the Sugar Factory near Lincoln Road Mall in Mid Beach serves up goblets that billow with smoke. They’re huge, and if you go with four or more people, you can get a secret buy-one-get-one-free deal that they don’t typically divulge. The raspberry watermelon mojito goblet is their most popular drink. When the waiter appears and begins pouring the rum-filled mojito into the goblet filled with watermelon candies and fresh mint leaves and dry ice, it begins to billow smoke all over the table. At $36 for each goblet, it would be smart to go with some friends and take advantage of their “secret” deal!

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Club E11even

Arriving at Club E11even, or any other club in Miami, around 1:30 am is never a good idea. At 1:30, the line is at least 300-people deep, which is fairly typical for Club E11even on any given night. E11even has two floors with the first featuring three stages for performers and a DJ booth under a wall of LED screens with kaleidoscopic graphics. The second floor has VIP rooms and tables for the spring breakers looking to break the bank. At the bar, expect higher-end cocktails like vodka cranberries for $26 each.

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There are plenty of nightclubs lining Miami Beach and Downtown Miami, and some other popular ones include LIV, Basement, Rockwell, and Story. It costs $20 for girls and $60 for guys to get in the door at most clubs, but if there's a special event or performer, the cover charge might be more. After you enter the club, however, you'll see why!

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