South Beach is home to an eclectic population including celebrities, tourists, and Average Joes, so there's a sushi spot for everybody in these six square miles. Whether you want to break the bank at Nobu next to Lord Disick and his newest Kardashian look-alike girlfriend or grab a quick California roll before your next class or shift, our list of the best sushi in South Beach ranked from least expensive to most pricey has something for every budget.

Sushi Express by Yakko-San

No more than two blocks from the beach, Sushi Express by Yakko-San is a pleasant surprise for both your taste buds and your wallet. It's a the go-to spot for cheap sushi in South Beach with deals like their famous three-peat roll plate and late night hours to 2:00 a.m. every day. For a late night snack or a post-work meal, stop by and grab sushi for less than $10 or try the threepeat roll plate, which includes 21 pieces of sushi for just $13! They also have a California roll, salmon cream cheese roll, and shrimp tempura, all of which are bang for your buck.

Toni's Sushi Bar

Just down the street, Toni’s Sushi Bar is the oldest Japanese restaurant on South Beach, and it also happens to have the best reputation. They’ve been in business since 1987 with reasonably-priced, traditional sushi plates, costing anywhere from $11 to $30 for nine to 18 pieces of sushi. Some of the more popular dishes on the menu are tuna avocado salad, their Miami Heat roll, bagel roll, and crunchy sushi, and they also make cooked dishes for those who aren’t into eating raw fish yet.

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Hoshi & Sushi Asian Cuisine

If you’re looking for beautifully-presented, vibrant sushi in South Beach for a fair price, try Hosh i& Sushi Cuisine on Collins Avenue, not even a block from the beach itself. After a hot day of tanning and swimming in the Atlantic, enjoy some sushi at this casual, reasonably-priced sushi restaurant. With funny names for each of their rolls like the Godfather, the Gangnam-Style roll, and the Happy Jalapeno roll, Hoshi & Sushi keep guests coming back for more. Their most popular menu item is actually the Happy Jalapeno roll, which is made with yellowtail, avocado, micro cilantro, lime, and, of course, jalapeno, but this sushi restaurant is also known for their one-of-a kind desserts such as green tea ice cream and Thai donuts.

Umi Sushi & Sake Bar

Trendy and upscale, Umi Sushi and Sake Bar is perfect for a first date as the sushi and atmosphere are likely to impress any date. Their sushi rolls are fairly-priced because they’re catch of the day style, so the sushi made with only the freshest seafood in Miami. Their best-known roll is $32 and made with poached Maine lobster, wagyu beef, and black truffle, making it well worth the price. A specialty of Umi Sushi & Sake Bar is their Big Eye Tuna Pizza, which is a fresh fish spread over rice and seaweed that's shaped like a pizza and cut into six slices. Be sure to make your reservation days in advance as they are famous for quality sushi for a fair price in South Beach.

Makoto Japanese Restaurant  

For an aesthetically-pleasing dish that would look perfect on your Instagram, check out Makoto because their sushi rolls are made from delicate cuts of fish like truffle ponzu salmon and toro tartare. Though they’re known best for their specialty sushi rolls, Makoto's most popular dish is their warm short rib yaki soba noodles with tamarind soy and garlic aioli, a perfect pairing with your cold plate of sushi. Dine at this fine sushi establishment for an office celebration or anniversary date to impress your guests for $30-60 per person, including the tip.


If you’re trying to keep up with the Kardashians or better yet, run into one, be sure to save up months in advance for a full meal and table reservation at Nobu on Collins Avenue, just feet from Miami Beach. Nobu is a tapas-style restaurant perfect for a special occasion with your special someone. Though their sushi is pricey, you'll quickly see why with their tender, delicate cuts of raw fish and golden caviar which them stand out from the competition. You can order the Nobu Signature tasting menu or the Omakase tasting menu for either $120 or $200 worth of exquisite sushi. With 25 different proteins to choose from, anything is possible at Nobu!

No matter what kind of budget you're working with, you can go to one of the best sushi restaurants in South Beach with ease of mind.

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