When it comes to breakfast, pancakes are definitely at the top of everyone’s list in Miami. These delicious little bites of goodness are versatile and a great start to any day.

A warm, fluffy cake with a sweet syrup-like topping is a taste that remains with us long after taking the last bite. You can make them sweet with maple or chocolate syrup or savory with eggs, bacon, or other veggies.

Whatever you decide, pancakes are always tempting for all! Keeping all these qualities of pancakes in mind, we have curated a list of the best pancake spots in Miami. Let us find the best one for your taste buds!

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B-Bistro & Bakery
600 Brickell Avenue, Miami Fl, 33131
B-Bistro & Bakery is a European-inspired café led by celebrity chef Henry Hané. It not only serves amazing pastries but also has fantastic brunch options.
A stack of fluffy cakes, cleverly layered with cream cheese mousse, guava preserve, brown butter maple, and vanilla crumble, are beyond delicious. These pancakes are the ideal fusion of Miami and European tastes.
Big Pink
4.1  5 Rating (1)
157 Collins Ave, Miami Beach FL, 33139
The TV-covered walls and the distinctive Pink Volkswagen Beetles of this all-American cafe may be its claims to fame, but their giant pancakes also merit recognition. Big Pink's enormous pancakes with butter and maple syrup are one of the most conventional choices that will certainly satisfy your hunger.
GreenStreet Cafe
Bar & Restaurant $
3468 Main Hwy, Miami FL, 03313
GreenStreet Cafe is a popular place to sight local politicians, athletes, and artists. Famous for its Coconut Grove Patio, the cafe also serves some of Miami's best pancakes.
At Greenstreet, you may choose from up to 7 different varieties of pancakes, including caramelized bananas, buttermilk, blueberry, and cinnamon. This place is sure to sate your cravings for delectable, fluffy pancakes!
They also have breakfast options for continental food lovers!
Cafe Bastille
Restaurant $
248 SE 1st St, Miami FL, 33131
Elegant red velvet pancakes from this all-day French eatery are delightful on their own, but they become a genuine treat when topped with a cream cheese sauce, strawberries, and whipped cream.
They have something in store for savory food lovers too! To keep patrons satiated all day, Cafe Bastille serves a pair of flapjacks topped with two sunny-side-up eggs and pieces of bacon. Estelle and Ben, the owners from Paris, suggest drizzling ample amounts of maple syrup over both.