Adulting is hard. The weeks are long, and the weekends are far too short. You need a drink, and you need to eat. Well, there's no better way to satisfy those needs than at one of Miami's best all-you-can-drink brunches. Because if mimosas aren't bottomless, did you really brunch?

Tacocraft Taqueria & Tequila Bar

Brunch captures the best of breakfast and lunch, and if you're in South Miami, you'll want to visit Tacocraft for one of the best all-you-can-drink-brunches. Tacocraft whips up expertly-crafted breakfast burritos and tacos alongside mimosas, which are $15 for guys and $5 for the ladies. 

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ROK BRGR burger bar + gastropub

Burgers make for some of the best hangover medicine. So if Saturday or Sunday brunch is part of your recovery plan, you might want to swing by ROK BRGR, especially if you live in South Miami. Their hangover sandwiches are a must have, and, of course, mimosas are bottomless. 

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Wynwood Diner

Wynwood's best diner offers some of the city's best food as well as great vibes, which pair well with bottomless mimosas. 

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The Butcher Shop MIA

As its name suggests, Butcher Shop is known for its selection of high-quality meats. But you don't on weekend afternoons, you'll find pancakes, eggs, and French toast during their all-you-can-drink brunch.

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American Social

Situated right on the water overlooking Miami's cityscape, there are few better places to grab some food with a view in Miami than American Social. Try to grab some seats outside, but their incredible food and atmosphere at their all-you-can-drink brunch make it worth the trip no matter where you are. 

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If you're a South Florida native, you probably know that Tap 42 Fort Lauderdale had a large hand in igniting our love of brunch. That success led to a few more Tap 42 locations popping up in the region, one of which being the Coral Gables location. Brunches at Tap 42 Gables aren't as rowdy as the ones at the Fort Lauderdale location, but it still captures the same energy that made the original one in Ft. Lauderdale so popular. Brunch runs from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., but we recommend getting there on the earlier side.

Glass & Vine

Glass & Vine is more of a fancy wine bar than a typical restaurant, but they know how to let their hair down and have a good time on the weekends. They call their weekend shindigs "sophisticated weekend picnics." Basically, you should go if you want to have a casual brunch but still want to maintain an air of classiness.

George's On Sunset

George's is everything you would expect from a Miami brunch spot: it's a party lover's preferred brunch location. Seriously, there's never a time during brunch hours when it isn't packed to the brim, and  the party often extends well into the evening, too. Brunch at George's is an all-day affair, which we assume you're OK with if you're sipping on bottomless mimosas.

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When someone says they want to have brunch this weekend, they're really saying they want to go to a Miami all-you-can-drink brunch. And, with this list in hand, you'll have plenty of options ready if someone does ask.

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Cover photo courtesy of Gabriel Gurrola on Unsplash