Miami is known for glitz and glamour, especially when it comes to fine dining: it's one of the many reasons why people from all over the world visit Miami. But, eventually, after you've been to each hot spot a few times, it can feel like you've seen it all (at least until the next trendy place's grand opening). Fortunately, you don't have to wait around for the "next big thing" in Miami. This city has hidden gems at just about every corner, so try these great Miami restaurants and bars hiding in plain sight.

Bali Cafe

If you've never had the pleasure of trying Indonesian cuisine, Bali Cafe in Miami is the place to eat. Their prices are also nearly impossible to beat with multi-course meals for $25 or less, which is a great way to sample several different things on a budget. In addition to your appetite and sense of adventure, be sure to bring cash as this restaurant doesn't accept debit or credit cards.

Bombay Darbar

Finding authentic Indian food can be hard to find, but it's always a treat when you do like at Bombay's Darbar. This Coconut Grove restaurant serves Indian dishes that are flavorful and filling at reasonable prices, especially during lunchtime. Just be mindful of the menu's heat levels: some dishes are pretty spicy!

Simply called The Bar, this great dive bar has good music and even better drink specials. Want to go where the locals go? Head on over to The Bar!
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Sawaddee Thai and Sushi

It's hard to be a hole-in-the-wall when you're ideally located in South Beach because it's small island, and word-of-mouth travels fast. But Sawadee Thai and Sushi manages to do just that with its limited seating. There are just 16 seats available in this restaurant, so it's more fitting for intimate dinner dates than the large group dinners Miami natives love planning. But who doesn't appreciate a quiet, cozy dinner over delicious food every once in a while? 

19th Hole Bar & Grill

Located in the neighborhood of Coral Gables, The Biltmore Hotel is one of Miami's most recognizable landmarks as well as one of the city's most grandiose golf courses. But what few people realize is that at after the 19th hole is a great restaurant and bar called, what else, the 19th Hole Bar and Grill. It serves classic American dishes and happy hour specials throughout the week accompanied by beautiful views of the golf course and hotel.

La Latina

Finding Venezuelan food in Miami isn't particularly difficult, but one of the city's best spots is the relatively-unheralded La Latina. An authentic Venezuelan arepera, this restaurant is located in midtown and describes their establishment as "the result of a journey of ideas, flavors, and senses that blended into a refreshing concept." 

The Broken Shaker is arguably the best bar you've never heard of. Located at the rear of the Freehand Miami, which is already nestled away from South Beach's hustle and bustle, it's an unexpected delight on a warm, romantic evening with dim lights strewn throughout an herb garden. Their cocktails are just as a refreshing as getting away from it all for a little while. 
As a speakeasy bar, the Foxhole is a hidden gem in the most literal sense. Without signs or neon lights indicating, it's as nondescript as a bar can get, and that's just how they like it. This bar attracts locals and in-the-know tourists and offers everything from a chill lounge atmosphere to a fun night of dancing. You'll definitely want to dive into this foxhole!
While there are a number of popular places, Miami's hidden gems are what give this city its rich culture. Sometimes you need a break from the hype and really get to know a city, so check out one of Miami's great restaurants and bars hiding in plain sight.
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