Miami is a culinary wonderland and, more specifically, a playground for meat lovers. It seems like every restaurant offers "braised this" or "pulled that," but one thing that really sets Miami apart from other cities is its plethora of steakhouses. From chains to local favorites, Miami's best steakhouses are diverse and delicious. so there's a good chance you'll find your new favorite steakhouse on this list.

Smith & Wollensky

Posh and trendy, Smith & Wollensky is everything you would expect from a Miami steakhouse. Here, you'll rub elbows with young professionals, power brokers, and date-goers stretching the limits of their bank accounts. Ideally placed on Biscayne Bay, you'll enjoy Miami's stunning skyline and cruise ships departing from the Port of Miami as you cut into one of Smith & Wollensky's famous strips of steak. From English cut prime rib to filet mignon, any carnivore will be thoroughly satisfied at Smith & Wollensky.

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If you like big portions, Truluck's is your steakhouse. Seriously, they're big enough to share unless you decided to skip lunch, but the food is so good you may still give it the old college try and attempt to polish your plate even if you didn't bring a big appetite. 

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Meat Market Miami

Meat Market brings an air of sophistication to steakhouses, which is fitting considering its ideal placement on Lincoln Road Mall. This steakhouse fulfills your heart's desire if you're a meat lover and especially if you're a steak lover. From bone-in ribeye to center cut, dry-aged porterhouse, Meat Market is nirvana for meat eaters.

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Edge Steak & Bar

If you enjoy Latin cuts of steak, then you'll definitely love Edge Steak & Bar. Their churrasco steak is on par with the those from best Latin steakhouses, and if you're in the mood for a classic New York strip, they have you covered as well. 

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With a name like Prime 112, the steak has to be good as the name conjures images of freshlycut, juicy steak and impeccable interior design. Located in South Beach, this swanky steakhouse definitely lives up to its name. The prime steak tartate is a favorite with locals and tourists alike, but any choice of meat is excellent here. The beef is dry-aged from 21 to 28 days, so you can expect your meal to be seasoned to perfection. 

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Bourbon Steak

Heavily praised by a Michelin-star restauranteur, Bourbon Steak lives up to its lofty billing as a nationally-recognized steakhouse. The restaurant's recipes and preparation styles are legendary in the culinary world, and guests are lucky enough to savor them. From prime beef grilled over wood to lobster potpies, there's no entree Bourbon Steak can't master and definitely deserves its spot among Miami's best steakhouses.

The Setai

Located in the posh South Beach hotel of the same name, the Setai gives guests a taste of luxury with its epicurean indulgences and French influence. From prime cuts of steak to braised lamb shoulder, this steakhouse allows meat lovers to appreciate the finer cuts in life.

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The Forge

The Forge is a Miami mainstay that seems to get better every day. Open 49 years, it offers a rare fusion of French cuisine and American fare, making for a uniquely romantic dinner date. Their 16 ounce aged steak, dubbed the Super Steak, is actually perfect for sharing.

Brazilian steakhouses set the global standard for quality steaks, and they're popular in Miami because of their all-you-can-eat options. If you've never been to a Brazilian steakhouse, you pay a set price for unlimited cuts of meat and access to the salad bar. Then you receive a card that has red on one side and green on the other. If it's flipped to green, servers zip to your table offering skewers of delicious meats. It's a quality feast unlike any other, and Area Code 55 is the best Brazilian steakhouse in Miami.  

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If Miami's best steakhouses prove one thing, it's that Miami is indeed a steak city.

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Cover photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash