Who doesn’t love ice cream? With National Ice Cream Day on July 15, there plenty of flavorful and fun shops around Miami that are worth a try. Without further ado, here’s the scoop on the best ice cream shops in Miami.

Azucar Ice Cream Company

If you’re feeling the heat of Little Havana, take a ride to this cool place. Azucar Ice Cream company is an artisan sorbet and ice creamery that is known for their fresh and funky flavors as well as their comfortable family atmosphere. Patrons can try from over 50 ice cream and sorbet flavors including Beam Me Up (bourbon-Heath Bar), Mulatica (cinnamon oatmeal cookie), and Caramel Flan.

Many tastes are inspired from the rich diversity in Miami, but this ice cream shop also serve classics like Mint Chocolate Chip and Mango. If a typical cone or cup doesn’t do justice for your ice cream craving, Azucar also has a signature dish called Azucar Maria, which features homemade vanilla ice cream, cream cheese, guava chunks, and galletas maria biscuits. There’s truly something for everyone here!

Lulu’s Nitrogen Ice Cream

Luisa Santos is a born-and-raised Columbian with a passion for political economics and ice cream. Interested in the way that nitrogen can revolutionize the chilly dessert, she established her business as both an innovation and a classic. The best part about her ice cream shop is that it partners with farmers and locals to receive some of the freshest produce to bring out true ice cream flavors alongside pure milks and creams to give it utter smoothness. This also allows for Lulu’s flavors to change seasonally, but clients can indulge in some year-round favorites like Hint of Mint, Nutella, and Strawberry. Enjoy some of Lulu’s nitrogen ice cream in a freshly-made waffle cup, and you’ll never go anywhere else!

Bianco Gelato

Something sweet doesn’t have to be something unhealthy! At Bianco Gelato, the most notable qualities about their sorbet is unconditionally pure ingredients hand-picked by both local and Italian suppliers. This organic and kosher treat has no added colors, GMOs, or chemicals added to their daily-made mixture, which makes it as close to eating a whole fruit as you can get. Whether you go for Pink Salted Caramel or Chocolate and Hazelnut, you can enjoy this ice cream shop's treats even if it’s not cheat day.

Mr. Bing’s Ice Cream

Have you ever eaten ice cream with a fork? If not, let Mr. Bing give you the opportunity! This food truck specializes in the design of shaved ice cream after the Taiwanese culinary craft. Cylindrical blocks of dairy and other flavorings are frozen every morning and then shaved into paper-thin ribbons upon order. These ice cream strips are flexible yet industrious, giving off enough strength to be spun and slurped right through the slots of a fork. The flavors of ice cream are very basic including original, chocolate, coconut, and taro, but customers also get to choose from over 24 toppings and 6 drizzles. This ice cream shop is a bright blue food truck usually found in the Wynwood Yard, which makes it a hidden treasure for ice cream enthusiasts wanting to try something new.

Cream Parlor

Cream Parlor is one of those places people visit to see what all the hype is about, especially because it was named Best Miami Ice Cream Parlor in the 2017 edition of The New Times and has been featured in several different food blogs and editorials. But with a hearty entree menu alongside their own creamery, founders Ainsley and Johnny Tsokos have much to boast about. When it comes to their dessert creations, including their Gopher Gut (candy bar) and Breakfast Cereal sundaes. Each creation is comparable to a work of art and beautiful enough to be served in a teacup. If you like a trendy spin on ice cream, the Cream Parlor is definitely worth a visit.

Mr. Kream

Located in Wynwood, this Mr. Kreme is advertised as the “Hip-Hop Ice Cream Shop,” and it fulfills its name with a trendy menu and catchy sundae titles. Most shakes and floats are designed to be dirty with additives like craft beer and coffee, but if you’re feeling something sweeter, their Half-Baked menu is outrageous. Pick a baked good like Pop Tarts or brownies and let them make an ice cream sandwich out of it! The outcomes are humongous, melty, and very delicious.

The Frieze

This Miami-based ice cream shop is last, but definitely not least on our list of the best ice cream shops in Miami. With over 40 different flavors and seven different categories to pick from, this shop is sure to have something for everyone. Pick from their vanilla-based ice creams if you’re feeling savory and indulge in their Fudge and Chocolate Cake Vanilla Decadence. If you prefer something crunchier, go for their chocolate-based flavors and pick out their Almond and Marshmallow Bumpy Trail. The Frieze even has fruity and infused sorbets like Apple Cider and Green Tea, so even health buffs can enjoy some dessert here. This ice cream shop has been voted the best in Miami on Yelp and several other consumer websites, so it’s guaranteed to be a hit!

Enjoy National Ice Cream Day by going to one of Miami's best ice cream shops- with so much ice cream to go around, there’s no way this July 15 should be left to waste!

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash