Miami is a city famous for its sun, sand, and sangrias, but it's also bustling with hot dog entrepreneurs everywhere. With National Hot Dog Day on July 20, these restaurants and hot dog stands are getting ready for the rush. Check out our list of the best hot dogs in Miami and find the perfect place to celebrate another foodie holiday!

Pincho Factory

Not sure whether to visit a hot dog vendor or a classier establishment? Look no further than the Pincho Factory where they have the best of both worlds. This fast-casual eatery has a menu inspired by street food with a natural twist as all their meats are 100% fresh and antibiotic free! They have a bigger hamburger list than anything else on the menu, but if you’re perceptive enough to spot the hot dogs on the bottom, you’re in for a treat. These sausages are entirely kosher and served on a brioche bun that is grilled to perfection. If you’re a cheesy person, you can indulge in their Grilled Cheese hot dog, which is pressed warm with three slices of American cheese and served on its toastiest level.

Sweet Dogs 305

Sweet Dogs 305 was founded by Victor Ruiz, who envisioned the idea of serving one of the best hot dogs around, and, today, his restaurant specializes in delivering the all-American frankfurter with all the fixings. Ruiz also succeeds in making his menu options fun. If you’re a basketball fan, you'll definitely wan to try The Heat, which is a link that is saturated in beef chili, cheddar cheese, and guacamole with a drizzle of jalapenos and corn chips on top. You can also go for the Marlin, which is topped with a fried egg, sweet plantains, chopped onions, banana peppers, guava BBQ sauce, and papitas. If you’re not one for all the fancy stuff, Sweet Dogs will also whip up a classic on a bun for you.

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Arbetter’s Chili Dogs

Respectively, Arbetter's Chili Dogs has been around since 1959 and maintained the appearance of a traditional hot dog stand since. Operated on the foundation of family values, Arbetter’s specializes in the classics on a budget. Come indulge in their famous Chili Cheese Dog,  which is covered with bubbly cheddar and their house chili, or their Kraut Dog, a savory sausage with sauerkraut. If you’re more interested in boardwalk fare, they also serve the crispiest corn dogs, which are dipped in batter and deep-fried to perfection.

Los Verdes

It's not your typical foot-long shop, but Los Verdes is still quite popular. This Colombian-style, fast-casual tries to amplify their customer’s experience by using natural ingredients to execute traditional and zestful dishes. As far as their hot dogs go, customers can order some like the Perricarne, which is a dog varnished by chunks of juicy steak. For something fancier, their Columbian is covered with mozzarella cheese, bacon, smashed potato chips, and quail eggs alongside their special Pineapple and Los Verdes sauces. Take a bite into their loaded buns and enjoy homemade coleslaw on the side.

Dogma Grill

Dogma is a little hot dog stand that serves up some big flavors. Known for their 100% all-natural meats, customers can order a beef, turkey, brat, or even a 14-pound dog upon request! As far as their specialties go, they offer creation like their Bean Town, which is a dog topped with smoked baked bean, and their Reuben Dog served with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and 1000 Island dressing. Patrons are also encouraged to try their special bratwursts like the Cleveland "Polish Boy," which is a sausage smothered with BBQ sauce, Cole slaw, and fresh-cut fries. This is a place to go if you appreciate variety!

Eat one of the best hot dogs in Miami and make this July 18 (or any other day) a dog-gone good one!

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