Having a go-to place for chicken wings is essential anywhere you live. Everyone has a favorite flavor from syrupy-sweet to tongue-numbing hot wings, so we've saved you the process of trial-and-error and made a list of the best chicken wings near Downtown Miami.

House of Wings

House of Wings is well-known for their delicious chicken and incredible variety of over 60 sauces, so their chicken wings are a sure thing for everyone. They also serve fresh seafood in case you want to take a break from their buckets of tasty chicken wings.

Sakaya Kitchen

Visit Sakaya Kitchen and taste some of the best Asian fusion cuisine you’ll ever have. Located at 3401 N Miami Ave, they offer an array of amazing dishes, but, if you’re in the mood for wings, then you have to try their Korean fried chicken wings. The wings at Sakaya Kitchen are so good, Food Network star Guy Fieri dubbed Sakaya’s Chef Richard the "Ninja of Flavortown!"

Wings on Fire

Tasty wings at an crazy-low price? We’re sold. Stop by Wings on Fire at 6580 NW 22nd Avenue for some of the best wings in Downtown Miami at a price that’s hard to beat. The jumbo shrimp is also highly recommended, so order chicken wings and shrimp for a great land-and-sea combo.

Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue

Come hang out and enjoy amazing homestyle barbecue at Sparky’s. Chef buddies Kevin and Han’s cooking speaks for itself as their chicken wings and barbecue meals have been a huge hit since the restaurant opened in 2010. Part of their success is due to their belief that barbecue should be delicious straight out the pit and that sauce should only be an afterthought. All they ask of you is to sit back and relax while enjoying one of the best order of chicken wings you've ever had.

Lemon Peppers

As the name suggests, this fried chicken restaurant near Downtown Miami serves mean lemon pepper wings, but that’s not all. Lemon Peppers also has incredible seafood at amazing prices that keeps everyone coming back for more. If you’re in the neighborhood, don’t forget to check them out at 2701 NW 54th St. You can also order online by calling 305-676-9484.

Titanic Brewery

Drive down to Coral Gables and experience Titanic Brewery, one of the most established brewpubs in the city. Although they bring people in with their reputation of great drinks and top-quality food, it's the chicken wings that ultimately make them stay. Skeptical? Just wait until you dip your chicken wings in their Vietnamese hot sauce, but make sure you have a cold beer on hand to cool yourself down.

China Wings

If you’re in North Miami and craving chicken, China Wings has a full menu of flavors including local favorite salt and pepper jalapeño wings. And, of course, they also have delicious Chinese cuisine.

Having a plate or bucket of good chicken wings is one of life's simplest pleasures, so check out one of these restaurants for the best chicken wings near Downtown Miami for a guaranteed win.

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