The Wharf Miami, located just a just a few blocks from the Downtown Miami area and Brickell is one of the newest and most happening spots in Miami. In It's a Restaurant, It's a Nightclub; It's The Wharf we shine a spotlight on a reclaimed space, once a fish lot and storage facility a Miami native captured the heart of Miami's residents with what is now known as “The Wharf on the River.”

Situated under I-95, The Wharf offers breathtaking views of the iconic Miami River. With sufficient docking space, The Wharf becomes somewhat of a boat show for its patrons. It is not unheard of to see several million-dollar yachts at the docks in all their contemporary elegance. These ships alone will leave your mind blown and your eyes begging for more! This 30,000-square foot restaurant in Miami offers the freshest seafood the 305area has to offer as well as some of the most sought-after food truck cuisines.

With five retail huts and three bars, there is a little bit of everything to choose from at this unusual venue. Every week there is a rotation of food trucks journeying in and out of the Wharf; separating The Wharf Miami from other food truck venues, however, is the caliber of food truck. Nationally acclaimed, some of the best food trucks in Miami pull up to serve their finest.  Now, if the food truck scene is not your thing there's no need to worry. The iconic Garcia’s Raw Bar and Fresh Seafood supplies the best crab claws, oysters, shrimp and all the other tastiness the ocean has to offer.

The food alone will have you coming back for more every chance that you get, but let’s not forget that this large lot is also a fresh air tavern offering three bars, seating that renders a bit more privacy and an enormous white pop-up tent with top of the line speakers and mood lighting. If a drink is what you are after, then fear not the rum is here! With one of the most ecliptic specialty rum selections, your options are merely limitless. For the ladies, there is a drink that will knock your stilettos off! Ask for the Wharf's Watermelon Mojito; concocted with premium rum, the freshest mint, and sweet watermelon it’s impossible to have just one.

The total package, it's a restaurant, it's a nightclub; it's The Wharf and what is there not to love? The decadent food, fresh seafood, spectacular views and delicately crafted cocktails, however, are only a few of The Wharf's highlights. 

On opening night this location hosted over 2,500 guests. Got you thinking? If you are looking to plan a party for Christmas in Miami or any other time of the year The Wharf is designed to excite your guests and make your party more than memorable!  As an afternoon special event venue, you can take in the breathtaking sights of the iconic Miami river district and dozens of customized ships and yachts. While as a nightlife hotspot, your guests can dance the night away in the sea breeze while knocking back a few drinks with a robust Cuban cigar.  It's a restaurant, it's a nightclub; it's The Wharf and an excellent new addition to nightlife in Miami. We invite you to connect to The Wharf, click the link, visit their page and learn more about this waterfront bar and restaurant in Miami. Then register on 305area to stay connected to bars and clubs in Miami and much, much more. (All photos credit to The Wharf Facebook Photos)