It's well-known that Miami boasts of the nation's best party scenes. From LIV Miami to  STORY Miami and countless other bars and clubs, it's not hard to find a place to drink and dance the night away. But what if you're part of the LGBTQ community? Your options may not seem as plentiful, and while there's truth to that, Miami happens to be one of the most LGBT-friendly cities. There are more options available than you think, and we're bringing them to you with our list of the best gay clubs in Miami. 


It's only natural to kick this off with Twist, the oldest of Miami's gay clubs. Think of it as the LIV or STORY of the scene without the pretense; everyone is here to let their freak flags fly and have a good time! With no coverage charge, Twist is two stories and features seven separate bars, so you'll never have to worry about keeping your buzz. There are variety of areas to check out, but the real action is hopping in the main room where house music pounds until 5:00 a.m. when they close.

Club Boi is a bit of a drive from South Beach on 79th, but this gay club offers a show in addition to your usual fun night out. It's essentially an all-male strip tease where the name is actually deceiving as grown men looking their best put on the show. Club Boi caters to black gay Miami, but all are welcome.

If you're from Miami, you're familiar with Celia Cruz and her famous single "Azucar." Azucar Nightclub manages to embody the exuberance and flamboyance of Celia and her classic single. This gay club is located in Coconut Grove, so there's no need to trudge down to South Beach. This night out on the town can be a night out in your neighborhood!

Like Twist, Score is one of the iconic clubs serving Miami's gay community. In fact, it's so iconic that legends like Lady Gaga have graced its stage. The best thing about this gay club is that there's rarely a bad day to visit. There's usually a themed event popping like WTF Thursdays and Bigger Saturdays, and it's also an official hangout spot of Miami Pride Week.

Hôtel Gaythering

What's in a name? Pretty much everything when it comes to Hotel Gaythering. Catering to the gay community, it's a constantly-packed bar and a prime pickup spot. The vibe at this gay club is upscale hipster (who knew it was possible?), and Hotel Gaythering also caters to a more mature crowd, so there won't be blasting music making it difficult to hold a conversation.

Palace Bar isn't a club in the strictest of terms, but it's easily one of the best outings you'll have, especially if you swing by for Sunday brunch. There's no hangover recovery like brunch, and Palace Bar offers all the brunch essentials from bottomless mimosas to your favorite breakfast and lunch fusions. But the real fun is that brunch comes with a show: a drag show, naturally. 

As you probably know, Basement isn't a gay club, but it's one of Miami's best clubs. But for one Monday a month, it hosts a split show on Basement's bowling lanes that brings out Miami's finest, which means it certainly deserves a spot among the best gay clubs in Miami.

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Miami has a thriving gay community, possibly the most active in the state, so if you're new to the area or just looking for a good time, check out one of the best gay clubs in Miami.

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Cover photo courtesy of Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash