Grabbing drinks with friends is always fun, but why not up the ante by belting out classic pop and rock songs (out of tune) with your friends? Karaoke is one of life's greatest embarrassing, ice-breaking, and group-bonding activities, and, despite Miami's status as a buzzing party town, karaoke is one of its underrated pastimes. Karaoke isn't exactly what many would call hip or a rager, but sometimes you just have to let loose and risk sounding ridiculous on the mike to have a good time. Don't know where to go in Miami for karaoke? We've taken that excuse away by giving you our list of Miami's best karaoke bars. 

Located in South Beach, Sing Sing is a significant change of pace from most of the surrounding bars, and that certainly isn't a bad thing. This karaoke bar packs a lot of the same energy the rest of South Beach except people are singing instead of rocking to the beat. To ensure their patrons are keeping their vocal chords warm all night, Sing Sing gives you a free song ticket with the purchase of a drink. You'll be belting out "Piano Man" in no time!
Gramps is known as a hipster bar, but on the last Thursday of the month, it's actually a neat karaoke bar. But in keeping with its hipster status, Gramps eschews the world's usual musical favorites, so you won't be singing "Sweet Home Alabama." You're more likely to hear someone giving their best rendition of a song by The Smiths or The Pixies. Gramps calls all music nerds, so if you claim to have a different taste in music, grab a drink and belt out your favorite songs without shame!
Everyone likes a prize, and George's on Sunset in South Miami gives you the opportunity to win a free meal and bragging rights with their karaoke contests. George's is a pretty cozy spot, so everyone is a judge and votes for their favorite performer with roaring applause.
The Bar is the bar in Coral Gables with great music, affordable drinks, and a fun atmosphere, so Tuesday night karaoke is definitely a blast. It's not all fun and games, however. Once a year, The Bar hosts a Karaoke Grand Slam where participants compete for $1,500, so pick up the mike and start practicing!
Miami is famous for it's nightclubs, heralded for its beaches, and boasts a burgeoning music festival. However, the last thing you would expect is a karaoke bar that is a off-beat in this trend-driven city, and Seven Seas Bar is the perfect place something for folks who love nothing more than belting out 90s grunge-era classics in front of large crowds every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night. 
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Better Days 

As aptly named as any bar on this list, your days are certainly better when you can make it to this spot on Mondays for Ladies' Night AND Karaoke night! Have double the fun with your girlfriends or winning over the ladies with your subpar but endearing singing skills.

Sidebar Miami

As one of Brickell's best weekend spots, Sidebar surprisingly hosts one of the best karaoke nights. It's too cool for that, right? Maybe if you don't realize that karaoke is as real as a turn up can get if you're at the right spot. And Sidebar is the right spot on every night, including Wednesday night karaoke.
Breweries usually don't come to mind when you think of karaoke bars, Titanic Brewery is one of Miami's best karaoke bars as well as one of its best breweries. In fact, it's Miami's oldest brewery. Because of its close proximity to the University of Miami, a steady stream of undergrads keeps this spot packed consistently with plenty singing their hearts out during karaoke. 
If you're going to work up the courage to sing your favorite songs in front of friends and strangers, you'll definitely want to go to one of Miami's best karaoke bars where they have good vibes and great drinks!
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