If music is the soundtrack of life, then electronic dance music provide's the rhythm for Miami nights. EDM has experienced a noticeable spiked in popularity for the better part of the past decade. And nowhere is that more apparent than in the Miami nightlife scene. It seems there's a famous DJ in town or a hopping electronic dance party every night of the week; which is why we thought we should compile a list of Miami's best EDM dance clubs. 

Liv is one of the greatest nightclubs in the world, attracting international stars like Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. But this club, located within the upscale Miami Beach Fontainebleau area, gets jumping when one of the world's top EDM DJs visits. Whether its Steve Aoki or Calvin Harris, as one of Miami's signature clubs LIV Miami reaches new heights on EDM night, righteously placing them on our list of clubs at the forefront of nightlife in Miami and EDM clubs in Miami Beach.
When it comes to EDM clubs Miami, Liv's sister nightclub, STORY also regularly attracts the world's best talent and beautiful people. At 27,000 square feet and two floors, there's plenty of room for you and your crew to dance the night away to breakbeats and drops at this EDM club in South Beach. Because like Liv, this is also one of the best clubs in the country. If you've got a heightened tasted for exceptional electronic music and are looking for a top EDM nightclub in South Beach this is one of the places to be and to be seen!
When you want a 24-hour nightclub in Downtown Miami the ONLY 24-hour experience also happens to be one of Miami's best EDM dance clubs. Part lounge, part club, part cabaret show, E11even Miami takes nightlife in Downtown Miami to new heights no matter when you go. But they have a little extra when someone like Lil Jon pops in to kick the party into overdrive. There are plenty of cool places to dance and party, but few turn it up to an 11! Hosting several hot events in Miami, we recommend connecting to the  E11EVEN MIAMI business page to stay in their loop.
You love the beach, and you love the nightlife scene, are you looking to experience both? Well, it's only natural, right!  Which makes paying a visit to Nikki Beach, one of Miami's best EDM dance clubs, a necessity. Nikki Beach reminds us that there ain't no party like a beachside party. Especially when one of Miami's best DJ's is dropping banging beats and soaring rhythms until 6 a.m. at the "Sexiest Place on Earth."  Nikki Beach checks all the boxes when it comes to locating a premier nightclub on South Beach.
This low-key nightclub in Downtown Miami may not have the notoriety of the house music clubs in Miami listed above, but it has been one of Miami's best EDM dance clubs for years. While the venues we mentioned before invite international superstars, Bardot's performers are typically progressive, independent acts. They provide a different spin on nightlife in Miami adding a diverse genre of music to one of Miami's more intimate nightclubs. 
Another smaller venue that never fails to throw a big party when it comes to things to do in Miami, Heart Nightclub on NE 11th in Miami attracts smaller, up and coming acts. While cozy, there's still plenty of room for you to dance and sway as your favorite local DJ moves the crowd. It's nothing but good vibes and some of the best EDM music in Miami here. 
Miami's nightlife scene is a treasure trove when it comes to EDM dance clubs. And Club Space, downtown Miami's first electronic and after-hours dance club, remains one of the local leaders. With two floors and three rooms, you have your choice of tunes and venue within the walls of Club Space. 

Treehouse Miami

Another EDM club Miami venue striking the perfect balance between club and lounge promises to be a fun, unique experience. Smooth tunes sway and move the crowd within this club's dark atmosphere, while the exterior offers the perfect place to relax with a drink and soak in the sonic waves emanating from one of Miami's top DJs. If you like a little diversity of mood at your EDM dance club, this is the place to be, swinging at the Treehouse in Miami Beach.

Voted as one of Rolling Stone magazine's Best Dance Clubs in America, it's no surprise that this nightclub club in Wynwood makes our list of the best EDM dance clubs in Miami. The Electric Pickle tabs itself as a club for discerning music enthusiasts. And when you glance over its list of performers which range from international superstars to independent sensations, it's hard to dispute that claim. 
Each day in Miami you find beach parties, day parties, night parties, raves and more. But if you want to ride some fresh, sonic waves, spending the night at one of Miami's best EDM dance clubs is the way to go. Just step out and let the rhythm take control. Click on any of the nightclubs mentioned in our list to connect. You will receive updates as they add events then register on 305area, it's free to subscribe and receive information on topics that interest you! (all photos credit to venue Facebook pages)