Tucked blocks away from South Beach’s glitzy, glamourous nightclubs lies Foxhole, Miami’s best speakeasy bar. Speakeasy bars harken back to the prohibition-era when unlicensed vendors secretly opened lively establishments where locals could kick back and relax with a refreshing libation.

Foxhole opened its doors to the community in 2011 as South Beach’s first speakeasy bar. And its founders took its status as the first speakeasy, as well as its name, quite seriously. And that applies both to Foxhole’s location as well as its clientele and interior aesthetic. Prohibition-era speakeasies catered to locals and had to be as conspicuous as possible in order to avoid drawing attention to themselves. That meant unmarked entrances in unexpected locations. So, naturally, the only people who knew about them were locals.

Foxhole ​perfectly adopts this idea, with an entrance you’d need explicit directions to locate. The entrance is unassumingly located on the corner of an almost-too-shady alleyway. You certainly get the prohibition era feel right away from this alone. And like the speakeasies of yesterday, the only way you’d know about it is if you’re a local.

But an awesome, somewhat sketchy entrance isn’t what makes Foxhole Miami’s best speakeasy bar. The fun really begins when you open that door and step through the threshold. Foxhole manages to pull off the unlikely feat of simultaneously being a dive bar, a sports bar, and a hip lounge. Which is one of the reasons it attracts a steady, loyal stream of South Beach residents, it’s a choose your own adventure that has something for everyone.

Upon entering, you’ll notice pool tables, arcade games, dart boards and a jukebox. Venture a bit further and you’ll walk up to a fully-stocked bar and TVs tuned to the premier sporting events. Adjacent to the bar is a stairwell leading up another bar and a cozy lounge perfect for dancing, relaxing with a drink and meeting new people.

Foxhole ​opens at 5 pm every day, making it an ideal location for after work happy hours. Beers and cocktails are $3 and $5, respectively, so the prices are hard to beat. But because it closes at 5 am, Foxhole is also one of the best places to party until the first rays of sunlight break the night sky.

South Beach has plenty of clubs, bars, dive bars and lounges, but if you’re in the mood for something different, Miami’s best speakeasy bar is the place to visit. 

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