Being a know-it-all can be annoying sometimes. It’s not unusual for friends to complain, saying you’re always interrupting them, or that little-known facts about the Indian Ocean aren’t relevant in a general conversation with strangers.

Luckily for you guys and girls, there are many places where you can show off your general knowledge, and we’ve made a list of the best trivia nights in Miami so you that next time you’re going out for a drink, you can try and beat other feisty opponents.

MIA Beer Company

Wednesday trivia night is a good time to come if you need a lift in the middle of the work week. The well-known brewery in Doral is aware that game night can make you hungry, so customers will be grateful to have options like pan con bistec and Hungry's smash burger available.

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Lincoln's Beard Brewing

Trivia Night at the Beard has become a popular gathering place for smart, eloquent drinkers. The bar prides itself on being home to a family of weirdos, so you can be sure that anyone will feel welcome over there. Apart from their signature Trivia Night, Lincoln Beard’s Brewing regularly hosts karaoke nights, live music, and various themed parties throughout the year.

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If you want to ensure you and your friends have a good night out, you have to step inside Gramps in Wynwood every Tuesday night. The bar’s legendary Trivia Thunderdome is super entertaining and brings in a lot of contenders every week. It’s safe to say that Gramps wants to know who’s best, seeing as the bar offers great prizes to the evening’s winners, including a $50 off your bar tab or a free bottle of alcohol.

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Mama Tried

It’s trivia night in Downtown Miami every Monday at 8 p.m. Mama Tried’s showdown is considered one of the top spots for the best trivia nights in Miami as they host various rounds and give out free drinks to each round’s winners. If you’re there for a while, you’ll also be able to take part in their late-night karaoke extravaganza.

Bar Nancy

What sets Bar Nancy in Little Havana apart from other bars is that not only do they offer trivia nights every Monday at 9 p.m., but they even include other awesome games like Jenga and Connect Four. Winners of their legendary trivia games earn a $50 bar tab while second place gets a $25 tab. The pub also gives out free t-shirts and other prizes to their happy customers.

Show off your smarts by taking part in the best trivia nights in Miami, and, if you feel like you need a little motivation to unlock all that knowledge, don’t hesitate to have a few drinks first!

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