Valentine's Day in Miami is simultaneously everyone's favorite and least favorite holiday. On one hand, it's a day designed to make that special someone feel extra special, but there's also the issue of finding something special to do, especially if it's your first Valentine's Day together. Finding something to do that's sweet, fun, and not-too-cliche can be challenging, but we've made a list of great ideas for Valentine's Day ideas in Miami, so get ready to sweep that special someone off their feet!

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Basement Miami

We know what you're thinking: why would you want to go to a club or bar on Valentine's Day? You can do that at any time. Well, the Basement isn't just any bar or club: it's actually one of South Florida's coolest hangouts no matter what day it is!

Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Co.

If you're looking for something other than the classic dinner, drinks, and flowers, you'll probably want to swing by Sweet Liberty, one of Miami's best cocktail bars. If you're the like average person, you probably have no idea what to expect, but that's just part of the fun when if you're looking for something different. Just be prepared for a wrestling ring and copious amounts of milk. This is romance at its finest!

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EDITION Miami Beach

Movie dates are a classic, if not cliche, date option, but the Edition puts a fun Miami spin on this time-honored practice. If you're looking for Miami Valentine's Day ideas, why not do a classic date with a classic movie? 

Ball & Chain

Whether you're single and mingling or enjoying a night out with your boo, Ball & Chain is a great place to be on Valentine's Day. Well, it's always a great place considering it's one of Miami's best Latin clubs. 

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Deering Estate

Sometimes, simplicity is the best form of romance. For those of you who like your romantic nights to be picture-perfect scenes out of a movie, the Deering Estate is the place to go for Valentine's Day. They're inviting a pair of local musicians to perform under the Miami moonlight to do an open-air concert on the Deering Estate's lawn. You and your bae are encouraged to get extra-snuggly and comfortable, so be sure to bring a blanket and a picnic basket.

Churchill's Pub

A dive bar isn't what most people have in mind for Valentine's Day, but there's no better outside-the-box date than Churchill's Pub. especially if you like to keep things retro.

Faena Miami Beach

The Faena Theater in Miami Beach may be a somewhat unimaginative Valentine's Day date because you could come here on a date at any time of the year and it would be great. But there's nothing wrong with a reliable option, especially because their Sensatia Valentine's Day show promises even more than usual with a combination of acrobatics, music, and cabaret. 

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Coming up with things to do for Valentine's Day can be difficult, especially if you want to do something fun without dealing with large crowds and reservations, but we've got you covered with these fun Valentine's Day ideas in Miami!

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