Miami, well known around the world for its cultural diversity, brings in several thousands of tourists each year. Many who come become engulfed in the ethnic melting pot that is Miami and want more!  A trendy tourist area The Wynwood Art District in the heart of downtown Miami, should be one of the first places you go to fully immerse yourself. Mana Wynwood helps Miami art shine as bright as the city's lights!  The art district in Wynwood is the place to find beautifully graffitied walls, and over 70 museums, art galleries, and collections. It's art heaven and then some!

Mana Wynwood is one of, if not the most popular venue’s in the art district. Allowing vast room for artists of any medium to display and exhibit their life’s creations Mana Wynwood plays home to art shows, filming venues, concerts, exhibitions and because the building lies within the free trade zone it has seen many trade fairs.  
With a massive 100,000-square foot event hall and a 36,000-square foot sound stadium hall, Mana Wynwood is perfect for large and small events. Artist have the freedom of a beautiful canvas to house their works and display them for the world to see. Musicians couldn’t dream of a better stage to let all of Miami hear their talents, and there is always room for patrons to alter this space into the perfect spot.

Aside from their fantastic sound and event halls, Mana Wynwood presents its patrons with the RC-Cola-Plant as one of their remarkable choices to house events of all kinds. This once abandoned, and now modern-day graffiti museum portrays Miami’s past while servicing Miami’s present and future. This trendy and contemporary location provides an artistic complexity that directly reflects Wynwood’s beautiful walls.

Mana Wynwood is dedicated to serving the artists of Miami and hopes to be its go-to patron of the arts. As an international icon, The Wynwood Design District looks to spotlight the cultural whirlwind that is Miami and Mana Wynwood.  Mana loves nothing more than being a pure vessel bringing innovation, pride, and recognition to Miami's sparkling artists. 


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