It's that time again: lights are twinkling, carolers are singing, and chestnuts are roasting. It's the best time of the year as they say, and one of the reasons is because of all the holiday parties.

Whether it's an office holiday party or you're hosting your own event, it has to be done right, especially when you're in a city like Miami that offers seemingly endless options for holiday-themed parties.

This year, make your holiday party special and different by taking cues from our guide to hosting holiday parties in Miami

Go Buffet Style 

Holiday dinner parties transcend generations. Who doesn't like eating good food with the people they love during the holidays? But while the classic holiday dinner party seated around a table with a turkey at the center is a classic, it often feels uptight and contrived.

Why not loosen everyone up this holiday season by hosting a buffet-style event? Having a buffet allows everyone to munch on their favorite treats and drinks while mingling at the same time- and in some cases, it could also mean successfully avoiding your least favorite family member. Going buffet style also allows you the option of making your meal or picking something up!

If you prefer to do the latter, there are a number of local venues such as Bombay Darbar, Bazaar Mar by José Andrés, and Perricone's Marketplace & Cafe that will cater your event with menu options putting a new twist on holiday dinner parties. 

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Forego the Open Bar 

Whether it's weddings or holidays, open bars are often the primary draw of any party, and for good reason. Open bars allow everyone to sample a variety of drinks, which is fun, but why not shake things up this year?

One option is providing your guests with an assortment of craft beers. Miami has become a hotbed for breweries with MIA Beer Company, Wynwood Brewing Company, J. Wakefield Brewing, and Veza Sur Brewing Co, all offering a variety of options that should satisfy most. And if some of your guests aren't beer enthusiasts, you can keep a few bottles of wine on the deck as well. 

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Hot Cocoa Bar 

Yes, we know Miami is rarely cold enough to warrant actually needing a sip of hot cocoa to warm up, but it's winter! And hot cocoa is part of the holiday trappings which make the holidays the holidays. So get in the spirit and warm everyone's heart with warm cups of hot cocoa. It's cheap, easy to make, and the perfect holiday party sweetener. 

Roast a Pig 

Hosting holiday parties in Miami comes with expectations. You can't simply throw a party: it has to be a Miami holiday party, and no Miami holiday party is complete without a fully-roasted pig.

Cuban culture has an undeniable impact on Miami culture, and roasted pigs on the holidays are among the notable staples. Succulent and tender but crispy, you won't regret doing it if you have the proper guidance. And if you don't have the skills or stomach to roast a pig yourself, places like Diaz Supermarket will roast a pig for you at a reasonable price.

Throwing a party is a hectic undertaking no matter the venue or time of year, but hosting holiday parties in Miami is a different beast. With so many things to do in Miami, you really want to do something to make your event memorable. All of these tips will offer something fun and new to your holiday party to make yours stand out from the rest.

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