Tattoos mean different things to different people. To some, they're a form of self-expression allowing one to use their body as a canvas. To others, they're an opportunity to do something bold by adding meaningful ink. Whatever your reason for getting a tattoo, though, you can't just go anywhere to get a tattoo. Luckily, the Magic City has plenty of great options, be sure to check out one of the best tattoo shops in Miami

Tattoo & CO Midtown Miami

Midtown is essentially the heart of Miami's art district. Well, it's really the design the district, but you typically think of fine art, murals, and architecture when you're in the area. However, it's quickly becoming a hot spot for body art, and if you're going to get an edgy, sexy, or cool tattoo, there are few better places to go to than Tattoo & Co. In addition to their talented house artists, this tattoo shop also welcomes a rotation of visiting artists, so check their schedule before booking your appointment. 

Miami Ink - LoveHate Tattoos

We're not going to say that being featured on television is a definite sign of quality because there is certainly is no shortage of trash TV out there. However, it sure doesn't hurt that Love Hate was once featured on the TLC hit show Miami Ink. We'd say that's a definite marker that Love Hate is doing something right by its clients. Love Hate is known for its diverse, eclectic styles which seamlessly merge the artistic traditions of different cultures. Their specialties are traditional Japanese stylings with modern realistic twists, but they can pretty much hook you up with anything. 

Tattoos by Lou  

One of the many things New York is famous for is its tattoo artists and culture, and Miami is known for adopting the best aspects of New York culture and adding new twists to them. Tattoos by Lou is certainly a prime example of this. Founded by New York native Lou Sciberra, Tattoos by Lou opened its doors in Pinecress in 1986 and quickly became a hot spot to get inked. 


If you live in South Miami, you're in luck because there are two Inkaholic locations for you to get choice tats. Relative to some of its competition, Inkaholik is fairly new to the game as they opened their doors in 2007, but they have a new approach to getting tatted. First, Inkaholik employs over 20 artists and has more tattoo artists than any other tattoo shop in Florida. Second, they regularly hold flash sales and discounts, which is a significant departure from most places, but that's why it's one of the best tattoo shops in Miami. 

Ocho Placas Tattoo Company

The previous shops are known for their new takes on old classics, but what about the traditionalists out there? Ocho Placas has you covered as well. Just because something is traditional doesn't necessarily make it boring, and Ocho Placas is just the place to go to for tats that stand the test of time. 

Iris Tattoo Miami

Located in Wynwood, Iris Tattoo studio is on the cutting edge of tattoo design. If any tattoo shop reflects the sensibilities of its environment, it's this spot. For one thing, all of the artists are trained tattoo artists. Mentioning this isn't meant to diminish the artistry of typical tattoo artists but to inform you of the craft which guides the art of Iris' tattoo artists. Much of the body art crafted here is imaginative, if not bordering on abstract, and boasts rare schemes and combinations. 


The 27 Miami Tattoo Shop is small, but its results are undeniable. It's a one-man operation, but who needs a staff when you're capable of inking any masterpiece on a human canvas? That said, one thing you will need is an appointment, and one likely well in advance because as a one-man show, 27 Miami gets booked quickly. 

Society Ink Tattoo Company

Society Ink is a mainstay in Miami's tattoo scene, and one look at their handiwork tells you why. They specialize in watercolors, portraits, Japanese-inspired arrangements, and more. 

Empire Ink Tattoo

It feels like there's a tattoo shop on every corner of South Beach, but there's only one Empire Ink. This spot has made its name on not only its expertly-crafted tattoos but piercings as well. If any tattoo shop is ready to suit all your needs, it's Empire Ink.

Getting ink is an important decision whether it's your first or 15th, so deciding where to get tatted is a personal decision which cannot be made lightly, and we recommend heading over to one of the best tattoo shops in Miami.

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Cover photo courtesy of Alex Hockett on Unsplash