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Collin Reviews on Tampa Spine & Wellness 5 hours ago
Tampa Spine & Wellness
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Dr. Lott is an outstanding chiropractor who is willing to take time and explain the procedures he's doing.

Pros: Great guy, great staff that really communicates. Strong hands.

Cons: Can't think of one!

Collin Reviews on Caddy's on the Beach 2 days ago
Caddy's on the Beach
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One kickass beach bar. You can't beat the sunsets, and it's great if you want to play a little volleyball too. One of the best spots in Tampa each afternoon-evening.

Pros: It might not even be big enough, as this place could be twice the size. Fortunately there's still plenty of room, especially if you put your beverage in another container and your toes in the water.

Cons: It's kinda boring bar food. But no one wants haute cuisine at somewhat of a dive bar.

Collin Reviews on Franklin Manor 2 days ago
Franklin Manor
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It's probably the best place in Downtown to have a drink or two with the cool kids. But that doesn't mean it's cheap. No t-shirts and slacker clothes here, so at least dress appropriately.

Pros: A fun crowd that's out to have a great time!

Cons: Drinks can get a bit pricey, and if you're driving parking can be a pain. Great place to Uber to/from however.

Collin Reviews on Old Baldy Lighthouse and Smith Island Museum of History 1 week ago
Old Baldy Lighthouse and Smith Island Museum of History
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You can't beat the view. Also pretty amazing this wasn't even the first lighthouse on the island!

Pros: Amazing view with incredible sights of both the island and the ocean.

Cons: Gotta get to Bald Head Island, and that requires a ferry. A def do if you're already there however.

Collin Reviews on Manolo Cafe 1 week ago
Manolo Cafe
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Cheap, delicious, authentic, and every kind of coffee you can imagine. Don't miss it!

Pros: Just eat everything and order it twice. You really can't go wrong.

Cons: Hialeah, so it might be a bit intimidating to tourists, but still worth the trip!

Collin Reviews on Tasty Wok 1 week ago
Tasty Wok
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In this part of town, there's plenty of Asian options, but the noodles here are terrific!

Pros: Really good noodles and bunz.

Cons: Can be a pain to park on Colonial Drive at times.

Collin Reviews on Tropicana Field 1 week ago
Tropicana Field
11111   Connect

I've been to more than half the parks in the big leagues, and this is the worst by a mile. No atmosphere, weird layout, horrible lighting, crappy concessions. Other than that it's a gem.

Pros: It's almost condemned.

Cons: They're moving to Tampa, which is a shame because St. Pete should be able to support a team. It would be nice if they could find a way to stay in DTSP.

Collin Reviews on Pane Rustica 1 week ago
Pane Rustica
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The legend! There's only one lunch item worth having, and it's the Shut Up & Eat. For $12 they bring you want they want, but it's fantastic. No exceptions even for allergies, but it's sooooo worth it.

Pros: Best lunch deal in town, delicious bakery, awesome sweet shop.

Cons: You might have to wait a bit at lunch or Friday/Saturday dinner. OpenTable is your friend here.

Collin Reviews on Pinky's Diner 1 week ago
Pinky's Diner
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A straight up breakfast diner, and the only thing missing is a train car. Really good and cheap eats, and you can pour your own coffee too. A South Tampa treasure.

Pros: Fantastic food, great atmosphere.

Cons: The lines at Saturday-Sunday brunch time can get out control. Plus it can be a real pain to park if you're not within walking distance or in an Uber.

Collin attending Synapse Innovation Summit Tampa 1 week ago

The 2018 Synapse Innovation Summit brings the best people, organizations, ideas and technologies together for two days of learning, exploring and celebrating the possibilities in technology and innovation.

Attending interested
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Collin Reviews on Anstead's Tobacco Company 1 week ago
Anstead's Tobacco Company
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I live in Tampa, therefore I am a self-appointed authority on cigars. But this place is the real deal. High quality smokes in a fun environment.

Pros: Wide array of smokes and a knowledgeable staff.

Cons: No Cubans! Not sure how this is their fault however.

Collin Reviews on Burger & Beer Joint Brickell 1 week ago
Burger & Beer Joint Brickell
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Good burger joint in Brickell. I went for happy hour and it was pretty empty, which is great when sitting at the bar with a laptop open attempting to get work done.

Pros: Quality, high end burger, and reasonable prices with a full bar. If you're craving carnivore, this is the spot.

Cons: Like all of Brickell, it's a pain to park. If you can walk there that's great.

Collin Reviews on Orlando Magic 1 week ago
Orlando Magic
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Pros: Beautiful building, new general manager (thank heaven).

Cons: Can't get a Top 3 pick because of all the Karma wasted on Shaq/Penny in back-to-back drafts, guards can't shoot,

Collin Reviews on Locale Market 1 week ago
Locale Market
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PHENOMENAL EVERYTHING. It's not cheap, but everything from pastas to pizzas to bbq made fresh and with the highest quality ingredients. You really can't go wrong here, and can get food for here and to go!

Pros: It's absolutely delicious and a gem, plus the gourmet things you can buy aren't available anywhere else. This is a gourmand's spot, but maybe not for everyday dining.

Cons: Parking is in a garage and can be a pain, and not a lot of bargains to be had. But it's worth the commute and the cash.

Collin Reviews on The Attic Cafe 1 week ago
The Attic Cafe
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I work in the building downstairs, and can't recommend this place enough. The massive Ferdie Pachecho painting on the wall is my favorite piece of art in the city, representing the 1927 World Series as seen from those watching over the telegraph wire in Tampa. Plus the coffee is delicious.

Pros: Great food, friendly service, quiet location, amazing coffee.

Cons: The elevator to the 4th floor is slower than molasses. Take the stairs, you'll need to work off the calories anyway.

Collin Reviews on Bulla Gastrobar 1 week ago
Bulla Gastrobar
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So they have $18 all-you-can-drink sangria during brunch. That's red, white, and beer sangrias. And oh my are they delicious. It's in a great location on Howard, and the food is excellent (but maybe a bit small in portions even by tapas standards).

Pros: Did I mention the AYCD sangrias? Plus everything is really delicious. The rooftop bar is already one of the hippest places in Tampa.

Cons: I live close and can walk, but if you want to park it's likely a valet or prepare to hoof it a bit. And tapas does mean small plates... but maybe not this small?

Collin shared a link on 1 month ago
So many great events in Tampa Bay this weekend, including Fiesta Day in Ybor City, and Grown Up Night at the Glazer Children's Museum!
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