There’s no better location for shopping and dining than Lincoln Road Mall. South Beach’s famous strip is a treasure trove of possibilities, and a place earning local diners seal of approval when it comes to quality. That certainly applies to Quattro Gastronomia Italiana, currently serving up some of Miami’s best Italian food.

Miami has a variety of options when it comes to Italian food, calling Quattro one of the best may appear a bit hyperbolic but after 11 years crafting dishes like fontina-truffle ravioli and tenderly braized veal, it’s difficult to dispute Quattro’s status.

What Quattro Gastronomia Italiana does to separate from most Italian restaurants is by design, they create region-specific dishes. Most Italian restaurants base their menus around the country’s globally recognized fare. 

Quattro’s cuisine is authentic Northern Italian made using traditional methods. Quattro goes a step further importing ingredients directly from Northern Italy. 

Essentially, Quattro’s offers the most authentic Italian food any Miami resident can find short of visiting Italy.

Italians are known for their wine just as much as their food. And any Italian restaurant worth its salt has a varied and extensive wine menu. Quattro doesn’t disappoint here either. The restaurant’s wine list is a menagerie of options for connoisseurs. It’s an all-Italian, 300-bottle wine list imported from nearly every corner of the country. And if a glass of wine isn’t your preferred beverage, Quattro has a fully-stocked bar with mixologists ready to craft your favorite drink.

Quattro meets the demand for its cuisine by being among South Beach’s most-spacious restaurants. While many nearby restaurants use limited seating to create an aura of quality and exclusivity, Quattro Gastronomia Italiana seats up to 100 in its outdoor section and an additional 160 in the interior. And despite this ample seating, reservations are still highly recommended because it regularly fills up.

Everyone likes Italian food, but if you want to enjoy Miami’s best Italian food, you must visit Quattro Gastronomia Italiana. Visit our page Restaurants in Miami to learn more about dining in the area. 

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