The United States fancies itself as a melting pot of culture and influences, but there's one day of the year when we're all Irish. Outside of Halloween, St. Patrick's  Day may be adults' favorite holiday because it's basically a scheduled drinking day, and there are only two types of people in the world: those who love drinking green beer and liars!

Not surprisingly, there will be a ton of parties in Miami on Sunday, March 17, but don't depend on the luck of the Irish to decide where you'll spend this holiday because we've already compiled this list of places to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Miami.

American Social Brickell

If you want to get social without the crowds that will enrapture Brickell on St. Patrick's Day, American Social just a few blocks away may be the spot for you. Of course, it's still American Social, so expect a sizable crowd here as well, but the experience will include hard-to-beat drink specials, especially for Miami. Check out their St. Patrick's Day weekend event if you want to know more about their specials!

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The Butcher Shop MIA

If there's one thing the Irish know, it's that nothing pairs with beer better than meat, and there are few better places to devour finely-prepared cuts than Butcher Shop. So order a steak on St. Patrick's Day and wash it down with their glass of Guinness Extra Stout! 

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Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Co.

Clarke's Irish Pub closed in 2013, but since then, Sweet Liberty has used St. Patrick's Day as a way to pay homage to the once-beloved Miami Irish bar. The Sweet Liberty pop-up event features classic Irish fare once favored by Clarke's patrons. So if you like fish and chips, cabbage and corned beef, then this the place to be. And, of course, you'll be able to wash it all down with affordably-priced drinks.

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SHOTS Miami is hosting St. Patrick's Day weekend, and there are many drink specials that you would want to swing by. They are offering $6 Green Lantern, $12 Irish Car Bombs, $5 Baby Guinness, and $5 Sexton Irish Whiskey. As its name suggests, SHOTS' niche is their variety of shots, and they've always got something special for St. Patrick's Day. Just be sure to keep Aleve handy March 16 and 17!

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John Martin's Restaurant & Irish Pub

John Martin's has been a fixture in Coral Gables since the late 1980's, proudly providing Miami a slice of Ireland. That slice of Ireland is more like the whole pie on St. Patrick's Day, though. John Martin's invites Irish bands and bagpipers to keep the party going until close. As always, they serve up traditional Irish delicacies, so dig into some corned beef, Shepard's Pie, and whatever else your clover-leafed heart desires.

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St. Patrick's Day may be our most universally-beloved holiday. You've heard people say they don't dress up for Halloween or that Christmas is too commercial, but you've never heard anyone say they don't like St. Patrick's Day. So throw on your green shirts and skirts and make your way to one of these bars or restaurants to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Miami!  

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