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Cristina Reviews on Voodoo Rooftop 4 months ago
Voodoo Rooftop
Half Rating1111   4 months ago   Connect

Comments : scammer at all level

Cons : i know this might not be the place where to write these things,but i cannot stand injustice:my husband was hired,did only 4 hours of training,left alone on a busy night/day and then after 4/5 shifts,the manager Lazlo,will tell him he was short of 300usd.since checks are very small it means that my husband was a very stupid thief or a retarded who couldnt manage 30usd checks.anyway he got fired from this and didnt even go to pick up the paycheck,since it would probably be super small after the 300usd cut.anyway,he just let this go,until we ran into a guy who worked for voodoo and have the same EXACT TRETMENT:4 HOURS TRAINING ONLY,BEING LEFT ALONE ON A BUSY DAY,TOLD HE WAS SHORT OF 300USD AND THAT HE WAS FIRED FOR THAT..obviously he didnt go to pick up his paycheck either.they will hear from us through legal ways,because these places the do millions every year,and still feel the urge to scam guests and workers stealing they money in different ways.We will call immigration too..this place deserve a great lesson!!! dont go there to give your money!!!!