Living in a tropical paradise, we Floridians have access to so many things that most people can only dream of. For instance, we get to enjoy warm weather year-round as well as beautiful beaches. Then in a few parts of Florida, like Miami, allow for a fun, unique opportunity: seeing dolphins face-to-face and swimming with these majestic sea creatures! If you're in the mood for a new way to enjoy paradise, make a splash and swim with dolphins in Miami at one of these places!

South Florida's most popular aquarium, Miami Seaquarium is home to schools of water-dwelling creatures. While the whales get most of the publicity, there are also an assortment of fish, sharks, penguins, manatees, sea lions, crocodiles, seals, and, of course, dolphins as well. In addition to housing sea life for viewing, the seaquarium gives you the rare opportunity to swim alongside the precocious mammals we call dolphins. Sessions can be booked in advance, and prices range from $44 to $165 depending on the experience you choose. 
Swim With Dolphins in Miami

Dolphin World

As the name suggests, Dolphin World in Miami almost exclusively houses dolphins and offers a Dolphin Swim/Odyssey Program, a Dolphin Encounter Non-Swim Program, and even a Seal Swim program, which is especially unusual. Although the non-swim option is neat, who wouldn't want to swim with dolphins, or seals, if they had the chance?

Swim With Dolphins in Miami

Miami Swim With Dolphin Tours

While other places all you to simply swim with the Dolphins, Miami Swim With the Dolphins Tours offers adventures like educational classes and deep water excursions. You can also get photos with the dolphins as well as go to exhibits, shows, and more. 

Swim With Dolphins in Miami

Florida Dolphins Tours

Despite what its name suggests, Florida Dolphins Tours give you more than just the opportunity to swim with dolphins. They also host events for tourists seeking a two-day crash Miami vacation, and swimming with dolphins is an optional part of that experience. The dolphin swim includes a one-on-one swim with the dolphins, which can do amusing tricks like dorsal tows, foot pushes, kisses, and much more.

Swim With Dolphins in Miami

Miami has a lot to offer as a vacation destination, but whether you're a tourist or a native, swimming dolphins is one thing you definitely need to check off your bucket list. It's the experience of a lifetime and a flippin' good time!

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