Bask in scientific knowledge by visiting the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science! Learn new and interesting things about our mysterious universe and many of its living things by taking a trip to this incredible museum. The Frost Museum of Science in Miami appeals to people of all ages and inspires everyone to awaken their curiosity by learning more about science and innovation. Located at the Museum Park in Downtown Miami, the museum is separated into four different buildings including an aquarium, a planetarium, and two wings.

The Aquarium

Get to know Miami’s underwater ecosystem at the Frost Museum of Science's three-level aquarium. At the top level, you can see mahi-mahis, hammerhead sharks, and beautiful devil rays as they glide through the water. You can also get a look at some of Miami’s different natural environments like mangroves, beaches, and coral reefs. If you head below, you can check out damselfish and other aquatic animals as scientists share their fascinating studies on marine wildlife. Finally, head to the bottom level and dive into the deep ocean where mysterious creatures like jellyfish roam in the darkness.

The Planetarium

At the Frost Museum of Science's Planetarium, you can take part in thrilling and educational rides at one of the most advanced space planetariums in the country. Here, you'll completely forget you’re in a dark room stuck on Earth! The museum constantly hosts amazing shows, innovative science programs, and weekly laser light events featuring music from artists like Lady Gaga and David Bowie.

Frost Museum’s North and West Wings

At the north and west wings in the Frost Museum of Science, you can learn about our birds as well as the once-illusive notions of flight and space travel. After that, participate in a part lab-part exhibition that highlights the different challenges engineers face on a regular basis while putting your minds to the test. Throughout spring 2018, you can even accompany Nat Geo’s own Zeb Hogan as he brings you on an adventure in search of enormous monster-fish that lurk in the deep waters on our planet.

There’s always more to learn about our amazing universe, and the Frost Museum of Science in Downtown Miami is the perfect place to do just that. The basic admission ticket is $29 for adults and $20 for children ages three through 11. If you can’t get enough of this place, you can always buy a museum membership for $85.

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Cover photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons