For the better part of this decade, Wynwood has grown from a niche hangout spot attracting hipsters seeking respites from the hustle and bustle throughout Miami to one of the area’s most vibrant hot spots. Wynwood still fills that niche, but the constant emergence of bars and restaurants prevents it from being discreet. However, “discreet” is the word that best describes what could eventually be Wynwood’s best new bar: Racket.

While most Miami bars and restaurants plan their grand openings with constant fanfare and promotion, Racket is shrouded in enough mystery that M. Night Shyamalan would be proud. A Facebook post here, a Tweet there, an e-mail reminder later.

RACKET, a new neighborhood experience opening in Wynwood Fall 2017. A taste of what's to come, stay tuned. #Racket #Wynwood #COMINGSOON

— Racket Wynwood (@racketwynwood) July 12, 2017

It’s rare to know so little about a place with its grand opening looming. But that appears to be by design to add to the bar’s intrigue. Racket has dropped hints regarding its Fall opening since the summer, and we still don’t know much despite being in the thick of autumn.

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But what we do know lends credence to the notion that Racket may very well be Wynwood’s Best new bar. The first tidbit adding instant legitimacy to Racket is its backing. Racket is the brainchild of Homecookin’ Hospitality Group, the same folks who conceived South Beach’s Foxhole and Drunken Dragon.

Foxhole and Drunken Dragon are respectively among South Beach’s premier bars and restaurants. And unlike most of its competition, each of these venues caters specifically to locals. This approach requires a commitment to quality service and a reliance on word of mouth to build a loyal clientele. 

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And if Racket’s approach as it inches closer to its opening is any indication, it seems Homecookin’ Hospitality will be taking the same approach. With a post and tweet here and an e-mail there, word is already spreading about what could be Wynwood’s best new bar. 

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