The Caribbean's influence in Miami is undeniable, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the city's food. Miami is one of the country's true melting pots, and it seems like every neighborhood is its own pocket of culture representing various groups of Caribbean islanders. For example, there's Little Havana, Little Haiti, and Allapattah. Naturally, each of these communities began cooking and sharing their respective delicacies with the rest of Miami by opening restaurants. Eventually, a number of these restaurants became local staples, so we're running down the list of Miami's best Caribbean restaurants. Be prepared to bring your appetite because all of these places serve healthy portions!

Versailles Restaurant

Versailles isn't just any Caribbean restaurant: it's a local institution that has served generations of Miami residents. Versailles has everything you could possibly want from a Caribbean-Cuban restaurant. If you're in need of a morning pick-me-up, they serves up some of Miami's best Cuban coffee, and, of course, lunch and dinner are always packed to the brim with hungry locals and curious tourists. 

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Tap Tap

Latin culture dominates a lot of Miami's culinary experience, but Haitian food and culture isn't very far behind. It used to be that you had to venture into neighborhoods with Haitian majorities to get quality Haitian food, but Tap Tap changed that when it opened its doors in South Beach a few years ago. Here, you can have quality Haitian delicacies that tastes like it was made by your favorite Haitian aunt.  

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Before there was Tap Tap, Chef Creole was the Haitian restaurant of choice for most of Miami, and if you're a seafood lover, it's definitely up your alley. Enjoy fresh fish, conch, and more at this popular Caribbean restaurant.

Trinidadian food is a must-have, especially at Caribbean Delight. Roti, which is basically a soft flatbread, is native to India but became a Trinidadian staple a few hundred years ago and pairs perfectly with chicken, beef, and goat, so you really can't go wrong with any of these options at this Caribbean restaurant.

Conch Heaven

While Bahamians don't have quite the presence in South Florida as other Caribbean islanders, their impact on Miami's culinary culture is still felt, especially if you pay a visit to Conch Heaven. Bahamians love their seafood, and Conch Heaven is as authentic a dining experience as you can have without booking a flight.

Mango's is more so known as one of South Florida's best Latin clubs than as one of Miami's best Caribbean restaurants, but there's certainly more to this spot than its late night turn ups. So if you happen to be in the area in the evening, be prepared for one of the best dinner and show experiences Miami has to offer. 

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Clives Cafe  

Jerk chicken, curry chicken, shrimp cocktails, rice and beans: Jamaican food is pretty much comprised of everything good on this earth, why is you can never go wrong with choosing Clives Cafe.

If you've never had a Cuban sandwich, then you're missing out on one of Miami's greatest dining experiences. When you're thinking about Miami's best Caribbean restaurants, sandwiches probably aren't what come to mind, but we'd highly suggest giving one a try at Havana 1957. If you're looking for more than a sandwich, they also serve delicious red snapper, pork chunks, and more. 

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Sango Jamaican & Chinese Restaurant

Jamaican and Chinese fusion is an underrepresented but delicious delicacy. Sango's primarily specializes in Jamaican food, but the Chinese influence in their menu makes it a truly unique dining experience. Want jerk chicken with a side of egg foo young? This is the place to have it!

Anyone who visits Miami for an extended time quickly learns that eating here is a epicurean tour of the world, the Caribbean islands in particular. If you want a sample of the world's tastiest delicacies, be sure to visit one of Miami's best Caribbean restaurants.

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