Within the Newport Beachside Hotel and Resort lies a unique restaurant experience in Miami. Located between South Beach and Sunny Isles, the resort is home to Kitchen 305, a grub lounge widely known for its chic layout and fantastic seafood. Trending on many lists we wanted to put a Spotlight on a Top Hotspot |  Kitchen 305!

Thanks to a talented team led by Chef Julius Brown, Kitchen 305 offers a dynamic menu accompanied by a diverse wine list and hand-crafted cocktails. Their daily specials draw crowds from different parts of the city, like their famous “Lobster Madness Wednesdays,” where you can enjoy All You Can Eat Lobster for just $49. You should be aware that huge lines form on Wednesdays so getting there early is a plus. Other dinner specials include Chef’s Cut Thursdays, King Crab Mania on Fridays, Paella Sundays, Taco Tuesdays, and more! 

Our dishes use only the best ingredients while the food is guaranteed to be fresh and of the most exceptional quality.

Another great thing about Kitchen 305 is their entertainment. You can enjoy live performances from DJs and other artists practically every day, making it one of the liveliest spots in the vicinity. Take note that it is kinda loud, so if you’re looking for a quiet romantic dinner, 305 is probably not the place for you. Having said that, the combination of music and delicious food attracts many tourists and locals alike.

They offer a happy hour daily from 5:30pm-6:30 pm and provide a delicious kids menu too! This is a kids meal...

Since its opening, Kitchen 305 has become one of Miami’s top restaurants and been featured on many of the best restaurant lists in the area. Making a reservation is highly encouraged since it usually gets pretty busy and hotel guests have preferred seating. 

You can also host events here, which gives you the opportunity to customize the menu, hire performers, and other entertainment for your next special occasion. If you want to make a reservation or are interested in hosting an event, be sure to call 305-749-2110. Doors open at 5:30 pm! (Cover and all photos from Kitchen 305 Facebook pages.) Register on 305area.com and connect to all things local in your area, your subscription is free. We hope you enjoyed Spotlight on a Top Hotspot |  Kitchen 305. Feel free to comment below.