Two of Florida's premiere destination cities, Miami and Fort Lauderdale are known for many things: stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, cultural diversity. But one somewhat overlooked aspect of South Florida is its burgeoning beer scene with local breweries popping up around the region. With cities like Miami up-to-date on trends, it's no surprise that craft beer's explosion in popularity led enterprising locals to open their own breweries, and there are more in South Florida than you probably realize. If you're a beer lover, you could keep it simple with another High Life, or you visit one of South Florida's best breweries to enjoy delicious craft beer straight from the source.

Breweries in Miami

MIA Beer Company

Once Miami's warehouse district, there was never any reason to be in Doral unless you worked there or lived in the nearby suburbs. But that's changed lately due to a recent development that has somehow made the area kind of... cool! MIA Beer Company is one of the businesses helping Doral reinvent itself with 16 beers on tap (including its signature Miami Weiss) and an atmosphere that easily slips between chill watering hole and bustling party, giving you plenty of reason to come here for a brew.

Biscayne Bay Brewing Company

Biscayne Bay Brewing opened in 2015, making it a new player in the craft brew scene, but it has wasted little time establishing itself as one of South Florida's best breweries. Biscayne Bay's brews are great on their own, but the real delights come in pairings. A number of their creations can be combined to create unique new beers impossible to replicate anywhere else! Beer lovers who have been to other breweries will definitely enjoy playing mixologist for something different.

J. Wakefield Brewing is another relatively new brewery that opened its doors in 2015. Located in Wynwood, this brewery essentially condenses this artsy area's energy and aesthetic into a single bar. It's funky and feels a bit off beat, but that's exactly what J. Wakefield was going for. With offerings that include new releases, seasonal brews, and collaborations with other breweries, this one is definitely a contender for the best brewery in Wynwood.

Miami's first craft brewery, Wynwood Brewing Company offers its own selections like their popular Wynwood IPA as well as special releases and beers from other breweries. This company should definitely be a stop on your tour of Miami breweries.

The Abbey Brewing Company

The Abbey Brewing Company is small and low-key by Miami standards, but that's likely one of its charms for any beer lover looking to avoid the city's usual bustle and extravagance. With four house Abbey brews and a rotation of 10 guest selections, you'll definitely find something you like at this brewery.

The Tank Brewing Company

The Tank Brewing Company is aptly named because it's certainly built like a tank at 4,000 square feet with a capacity of holding 600 people, so you'll definitely have plenty of elbow room as you sip on one of their 16 brews on tap.

Breweries in Fort Lauderdale

Funky Buddha Brewery

As South Florida's likely signature brew (the Funky Buddha Floridian), Funky Buddha has a strong claim to being the gold standard for the region's breweries. In addition to their own creations, they also feature a rotating selection of craft beers from across the state and country, expanding your tastes to the national level.


If Funky Buddha has any competition for being Fort Lauderdale's best brewery, it's the cleverly-named LauderAle. From Ciders to IPAs to sours dark and full-bodied, LauderAle's beer menu is as diverse as any other brewery in the state. It's also Fort Lauderdale's first nano-brewery, allowing them to serve a variety of handcrafted beer year-round. 

A good beer is like a good wine: they're painstakingly made and often have acquired tastes. South Florida's best breweries are no exception as their selections are flavorful and refreshing. Be sure to check them out and pop a fresh cold one: there's nothing like it!

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