Conceived by the masterminds behind Foxhole, Drunken Dragon is the restaurant you didn’t know you needed. But your taste buds will be sure to thank you once you experience the best Korean barbecue in South Beach.

Drunken Dragon separates itself from most restaurants—Korean or otherwise—in a few respects. The first is its rather inconspicuous entrance. An attribute undoubtedly borrowed from Foxhole (which it neighbors), Drunken Dragon eschews flashy lights and signs to signal its presence. Like Foxhole, in a blink, you could easily miss this spot earning its clientele via word of mouth from locals.

Another fact separating Drunken Dragon from its contemporaries is its backing from South Beach nightlife powerhouses behind LIV Miami and WALL Lounge. And when the brains behind two of Florida’s trendiest nightclubs link up with the purveyors of South Beach’s best speakeasy bar, the result is the best Korean Barbecue in South Beach.

Drunken Dragon combines South Beach trendiness with local authenticity, which is a difficult feat to accomplish. It’s a meeting ground for the island’s chic 20 and 30 somethings seeking delicious bites before a long night. The restaurant’s dining room is cozy and dimly lit and provocative with bondage photos on the walls.

And for an extra layer of authenticity, Drunken Dragon boasts traditional Korean barbecue tables on which guests can grill their proteins. These tables certainly add to the culinary experience-particularly for people on dates—as it allows patrons to contribute to their meal.

However, while Drunken Dragon strives to achieve maximum authenticity, its full menu is more pan-Asian rather than strictly Korean. For instance, one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes is its Japanese wagyu.

If you’re planning to pay Drunken Dragon a visit, making a reservation is highly recommended during peak hours. The restaurant seats a maximum of 74. And because the demand is often high for this best Korean barbecue in South Beach, Drunken Dragon occasionally has a two-hour seating limit on busy nights. 

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