Like most Floridians know, the state doesn’t hesitate for summer. The season gets especially hot, driving everyone to the beach or the pool. But what about the little ones? Luckily, Miami has a serious supply of splash pads for your little ones to enjoy. Tackle a few of these locations to help your kids stay cool and have fun!

Westwind Lakes Park

Westwind Lakes Park is  a community park with a bunch of facilities open to the public. It offers a walking trail, exercise equipment, skating and skateboard obstacles, and community pavilions for big events. But one thing that parents love about this park is that it’s jungle gym comes equipped with a decently-sized splash pad. This watery area includes over six different spraying poles, three different buckets that dump water every minute, and a bunch of floor splashers that soak your kids in due time. Not to mention the floor is made up of soft, blue padding to keep your kids from slipping and hurting themselves easily. If you’re looking for a simple solution to keep your kids cool, this community park is definitely one to check out!

Founders Park

Founders Park is probably one of the most considerate community parks when it comes to water play. Located in the dazzling, northern section of the park, their splash pad is massive! It features a series of looping and curvy pipes and nozzles that spray water every second. With a waterfall palm tree and a squirting shipwreck, kids can use their imaginations while they play. Plus, it’s well-padded and doesn’t flood! Parents can easily supervise their kids here while they have a blast.

Pinecrest Gardens

If you love the idea of sloshing around in paradise, Pinecrest Gardens is just for you. The park is primarily known for its gorgeous botanical garden and cultural atmosphere. But with a playground, petting zoo, and picnic area, Pinecrest also offer a series of recreational opportunities for kids, too. In fact, their Splash & Play Splash Pad is just as renowned as their gardens. Hidden in the depths of greenery, you and your kids can enjoy the squirting flower pole, the umbrella waterfall, or the snorting dinosaur spraying pole. This splash pad is also accompanied by a spritzing fire hydrant and a colorful array of floor padding. One of the more beautiful places to play, Pinecrest is sure to keep your kids cool.

Zoo Miami

The zoo seems like the last place you'd consider bringing your kids to get soaked, but with over 58 different animal exhibits to explore and five or six hours of walking in the Florida sun, even you might need a cool down! Miami Zoo has one, gigantic splash pad called Ocean Voyage and several different Waterplay areas scattered throughout the park. The Ocean Voyage Splash Pad includes over 28 features like water cannons, a whale tail waterfall, and several different sprayers to let the kids out their inner buccaneer. With such a big and padded landscape, you could spend the whole day here! If you want to enjoy the zoo, visit a Waterplay stop and cool off with their quick spray fountains.

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Grapeland Water Park

If it’s too hot outside to do anything but swim, perhaps visiting a water park is your best bet. Miami’s Grapeland Water Park is a mermaid paradise with a multitude of different water slides, lazy rivers, and play areas all guaranteed to drench you. For the younger ones, Grapeland has a playground area called Shipwreck Island which offers water cannons, splash fountains, and small slides for individuals 48 inches tall and less. The vicinity is brightly-colored and surrounded in a shallow pool of water. If your kids can’t swim, the park offers life vests for those who request it.

South Pointe Park

Right on the edge of Miami Beach, South Pointe Park is a recreational destination for those who like to live in style. This area includes a variety of amenities including a jogging trail and a pier for fishing, but it also provides a splash pad for the community to enjoy. South Pointe’s take on the soak spot is totally avant garde with curvy, metallic spraying poles and synchronized spraying holes. Not to mention the floor padding sports a beautiful beige and silver combination, matching the restroom building next door. If you’re looking to splash in luxury, head out to South Pointe Park with the kids!

With so many awesome splash pads in Miami, your kids don’t have to avoid the summer sun rays. Take a day to splash around and forget about the hot temperatures!

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash