Whether you are buying or selling your home, there are thousands of real estate agents in Coral Gables who are eager to work with you. The process may seem overwhelming at first. However, there are ways that the top real estate agents set themselves apart from the competition. When you are sifting through the top realtors® in Coral Gables to find the perfect fit, these five steps will help you find the perfect realtor®

Tap Into Your Own Network First 
When buying or selling a home, your own network of friends and family is your absolute best resource. You likely already know a handful of people who have bought or sold using a local real estate agent in the past few months. Turn to them first for their experiences and recommendations. Not only will you come away with a starting list of potential agents, but you will likely learn who they chose not to use, saving you some legwork. 

Be Choosy 
An agent that truly wants to work for your business will follow up with you and won’t hesitate to answer however many questions you may have for them. An agent who doesn’t follow up likely will show the same type of communication level during the buying or selling process. Good realtors® know that great communication with their clients is just as important as their level of knowledge. 

When you meet with a potential agent, don’t be afraid to ask them tough questions. A home is usually the largest purchase you will make, and it will also wind up being the largest item you ever sell. A truly great agent will understand the weight of that fact and will be happy to answer any questions. 

Speak with Past Clients 
A great agent will be able and eager to provide you with a few references. You will want to speak with at least one former client that worked with the agent while buying or selling in the past six months. This information will provide you with a broader view of a particular agent’s work ethic. 

Determine an Agent’s Market Knowledge 
A good test for potential agents is to inquire about houses currently for sale. Simply drive around the area you are looking to live in and write down four to five addresses that have signs noting that the home is for sale. Go online and write down the listing price and the number of beds and baths (at the minimum). Go to your first meeting prepared with this information. A well-experienced agent will have some high-level knowledge about these listings. The top agents® in Coral Gables are on top of the market. 

Analyze Current Listings 
You likely already have a loose vision of the home you are looking to buy or a ballpark price of what you would like your current home to sell for. Take a deep dive into any potential agent’s current listings as well as the listings they have sold in the past six months. All of this information should be readily available online. It is important to ask yourself questions such as: 
• Are the agent’s current listings at least moderately similar to the home I am looking to buy or sell? 
• Does the agent have current or recent listings in the area you would like to live in or around? 
• How many listings does the agent currently have? Do they have enough to indicate that they are running a successful business? Do they have such a high volume that you may not receive the attention your home purchase or sale deserves?

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