Miami is known for its beautiful beaches, exciting attractions, and luxurious homes, but the city also includes neighborhoods where housing costs are known to be lower.

It’s possible to find a home for sale in Miami that won’t cost a fortune, and a top-selling realtor® can help you in your search. These five neighborhoods are considered to be among the most budget-friendly places to live in Miami:

West Little River

Many people who are on tight budgets have chosen this neighborhood in Miami to call home. It’s possible to find a home here that’s priced at under a quarter of a million dollars, which is substantially lower than what you'll find in other parts of the city. West Little River is also a great neighborhood for younger professionals and singles.


Another ideal place for young professionals, Brownsville has become the home of many aspiring entrepreneurs on a budget who are looking to get their business ideas off the ground.

The median home cost is nearly half of what you’d pay in other parts of Miami. Another great attribute of the neighborhood is its adjacency to several other local neighborhoods and attractions.

Hialeah Gardens

Hialeah Gardens is one of Miami’s best neighborhoods for families who want to live in a safe area that's also budget-friendly. The former rural neighborhood used to be known more for its horses rather than its people but has since become a desirable location in the city to call home.

When you compare realtors® in Miami, Jacksonville, or anywhere else in Florida where you might want to live, you can look for a professional who specializes in finding homes for sale in this type of neighborhood.

Liberty City

Known for its diverse population, Liberty City has been regarded as a “Model City” in Miami for its inclusiveness and welcoming atmosphere for new residents. The median home value is well below the national average, which creates an excellent housing market for buyers who are on a budget. Liberty City is a neighborhood that's also known for its mix of urban and suburban influences along with its plentiful parks.


With a median home price that’s nearly half the national average, Kendall has attracted many budget-conscious families, retirees, and people from other walks of life. Crime rates in this neighborhood are much lower than other parts of Miami. Public transportation provides quick and easy access to the city’s downtown area as well as the popular outdoor shopping center known as The Falls.

Your dream of living in Miami without breaking the bank can come true if you look for homes that are in the most budget-friendly neighborhoods.

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Cover photo courtesy of Flickr - Mike McBey