As one of the most popular tourist destinations, Miami, covers about 56 square miles between the Biscayne Bay and the Everglades National Park. Originally occupied by the Tequesta Native American tribe 2,000 years prior to the arrival of Europeans, this city also has the distinction of being the only major city in the United States that was founded by a woman. Miami is known for its wonderful weather and magnificent beaches and is a popular tourist destination.

Numerous neighborhoods surround this beautiful city. Many people come here to visit and decide to make this area home. Effective Agents are local experts when it comes to finding a realtor who can find you an affordable neighborhood near Downtown Miami.


Only 6.7 miles from Downtown Miami, Brownsville, also known as “Brown Sub,” is home to about 15,000 people. They are mostly in their 30s, and there's a slightly higher female population compared to males. It's a very affordable neighborhood with a variety of single-family homes, condos, and apartments. A top-selling realtor can assist you with all your buying or renting needs in Brownsville.


Average temperatures range from the 60s to the 80s in this neighborhood located about seven and a half miles from Downtown Miami. Approximately 11,000 people call Gladeview home. This neighborhood is one of the most affordable in the area; the cost of living here is 5.80% lower than the average in the United States and is 71% more affordable than other areas of the US. Housing is made up of a variety of single-family homes and apartments, and there is a mixture of renters and owners.

Pinewood Park

Find the perfect realtor® when you are considering moving to the beautiful neighborhood of Pinewood Park. This is an urban neighborhood of approximately 30,218 people. The housing consists of single-family homes, apartments, and studios with the majority having been built prior to 2010. Pinewood is primarily a white collar neighborhood and has a mixture of owners and renters.

West Little River

Contact the best realtors in Miami, and you'll find that West Little River real estate is less expensive than 74.7% of other Florida neighborhoods and 69% of US neighborhoods. This area, located only nine and a half miles from Downtown Miami is made up primarily of single-family homes and apartments. The ratio of renters to homeowners is pretty equal. This community of 31,000 people has a very affordable cost of living.

El Portal

If you're a retiree or just looking for the small town atmosphere, El Portal is a neighborhood of only 2,491 people. This neighborhood has the feel of a village, and there are many artists living here. There are homes that are quite expensive as well as more affordable options. Located eight miles from Downtown Miami, the area consists of mainly single-family homes, bungalows, and cottages and still has many examples of South Florida architecture from the 1930s and 1940s.

These neighborhoods are just a few of the affordable places to live near Downtown Miami. If you're considering a move to this beautiful area, Effective Agents can help you to find the best realtors available to make your transition as smooth as possible.

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